Female Friends/Couples/New Parents

Hi, I'm Mariam, Egyptian, 26 years old. I'm married to a British & I have a baby.
I'm a full time mother now but originally a dentist.   :proud

I love to have new female friends to go out with, for yoga/zumba/swimming/shopping .. etc.

Would love to meet couples, especially if diverse (like me & my husband), & socialize! The more nationalities and languages, the better it is!   :D

If you're a new expat mum, please let's be friends!! Lol  :thanks:

Also, if anyone knows where I can have vocal training (singing) classes of reasonable prices, I'd appreciate if you let me know! :)

I love diversity! I'm already excited!! Looking forward to meeting new people! :D

Thank you!

Hello friend I am new I am living now Oman Muscat


I'm also new here.

I joined my job in Dec. 2017

I'll be happy if I receive texting from your end

Looklooki g for couples in muscati g

Expat couples required far friendship

The above comments seriously throw a good laugh......    :one

People of Oman!
You guys have to immensely work on your language skills. I wonder how would be the lingual future of the country!!   :huh:

Hi I am living in Muscat. I have been here a year now. I work all the time so I don't have enough time to make friends. I am a female so only platonic friendships please.

I would love to meet other ladies to have lunch or dinner or any other activity to explore the city. I would love to have tea or coffee and share experiences in Oman.

Please contact me.

Hi Mariam

Are you still in Oman? If so I would love to get together in Muscat.


Oh man, the initial comments on this thread might have scared Mariam off :),
she did ask for females / couples to get rid of her boredom and actually make friends.

Oh well, I hope Mariam and Stacey get to meet up. Good luck girls, hope you guys get to have a little tea party.

I might visit Oman for a month in summer   :D  will message you ladies.

Hi Sara,
Nice to get a reply from you. Sure whenever you get back here just let me know so we can met up. Where are you now?

I live in Canada. Toronto region. We got freezing rain and snow for three days in a row. Really want some sunshine right now 😂

Hi! I have been working here since March 2018 only so I don't have friends yet. I love outdoor activities too so I hope I can join if you have plans.

Hi Sara,

Yes, I know how those Toronto winters can be. It's already sweltering hot here. Too much. It was about 85 F today. I'm sure you would love it just about right now.

i would love to join you too girls  count me in 😊

How to reached u?


How to reached u?

The OP is seeking female friendship so unless you wish to undertake an expensive and painful operation you do not qualify.

stumpy :

How to reached u?

The OP is seeking female friendship so unless you wish to undertake an expensive and painful operation you do not qualify.

He will take another 5 years to understand what you actually stated,  Stumpy... trust me no jokes aye...!! :D

This is sreekanth who recently came to oman and working in software industry in private sector..As i am new to this place,i would like to visit the beautiful locations in oman.so i would to make friends to visit this places who have an
idea of knowing this places ....Please guide me.. :)

Hope u r doin well!
Its been a year since this post but why not try

Down for a meet up and socialize?!

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