Microgynon contraceptive pill

This is one for the ladies. Do any of you girls know if I can get specifically microgynon from the farmacias in valencia or a pill that's the same but a different brand name here in spain?

I took a years worth of mercilon with me (a new one I've tried after removing my coil) and for the whole 4 months since I've come back to spain all its done is given me hell.  I've ended up down the urgencias from having severe diziness for over a week and they've said it's the pill. Along with nausea, breast swelling the list goes on.

Anyway I've managed to recall the pill I took when I was a teenager and I remember me doing very well on it so I was hoping you ladies may know or even take this one in spain. Ive been told to stop mercilon after I finish my packet in 8 days but I'd really rather be on a pill than have no protection.

Many thanks. Kella.

you can find it in pharmacies or buy it online in this spanish web page:



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