Family Doctor in Valencia

Any fellow expats found a physician who speaks English? We're in Benicalap do something in the north half of the city would be especially helpful. We're looking for somewhere suitable to take the kids should anything that needs medical care arise.


We looked a LOT for a good doctor.  We got lucky in that we found a pediatrician we absolutely love, but... he's in the downtown area (Gran Via part of Eixample, to be exact) and he only speaks Spanish (my wife is fluent.)

We did find a lot of doctors through Hospital Quiron for various ailments, and as a general rule what we would do is use their web site to find docs, then Google the names of the doctors to find their CV and often a clinic web site or something- anything to find their background.

By looking at that, we could figure out whether they likely spoke English; typically, it's because they studied in an English-speaking nation (US, Canada, UK, Australia, etc)

I was looking for one this week, for a urine infection I had. I finally found Dr Juan-Pablo Reig in Plaza Ayuntamiento in downtown Valencia. His clinic is called My Medica Valencia, and they specialise in English speaking and international patients. The doctor was very kind, spoke great English, and gave me a very clear treatment plan to follow.

We ended up finding a walk-in with a revolving staff of two doctors that’s close to our place in Benicalap. They accept AXA coverage, which was led us to them. They’re open daily from 16:00 and there’s seldom a long wait. They’re both excellent doctors and very very pleasant to deal with. They only speak Spanish but it’s not an issue for us anymore and they speak clearly so they’re both easy to understand as well. Their office is close to the intersection Av General Alviles and Pio XIII, across from the Hipercor.
Highly recommend.

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