Residence of permit for kids

Hello everyone,
Have anyone had an experience of how to get Kz residence of permit for kids based on the right that one of the parents is Kazakhstan citizen? We are living in Australia and planning to move to Kazakhstan near future. Please share with us if you know anything. Thanks

we got the C11 visa for our daughter. Mother is KZ. We did not opt to PR since it wasn't planned to live there permanently, but i would like our daughter to have PR for her future, but I guess you need ot live there 6 months a year? It is a shame that they will not allow children to have dual citizenship based on a parent being Kazakh. I get the Russia influence, but surely they could come up with some kind of right of adobe or citizenship without being able to vote????

Anyways C11 visa is really easy. KZ parent went to immigration and it was easy. I think visa is good for as long as the passport is good for.

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