Canadian seeking feedback / suggestions

Hello from Canada (o: I have career opportunity of expatriation in Europe for an indefinite period.

I'm still at the preliminary planning stages in choosing the country & negotiations with the employer, but Luxembourg is my No1 choice (between Switzerland, Belgium and Germany). I would love to get feedback /suggestions from Canadian parent (s) who have experienced life in Luxembourg with a 7 yr old child.

Thank you!!

hello !!
did u got some feedback ??

Hi Caroline and ahmed.mabrouk :)

Are you both in Luxembourg yet?
Caroline I hope other Canadian can tell you about their experiences.

ahmed.mabrouk do not hesitate to create new topics on the Luxembourg forum if you have specific questions ;)


Hi Armand & Ahmed. Still in Canada... The plan is for August.
I did have useful feedback that I can brief as follow:

* City-Center is safe and green. There are parks around. Most neighbourhoods are safe;
* Good childcare too & Foyer(after school care) where they get a warm meal. Plan to be on a waiting list...
* Tuesdays and Thursdays are half a day of school, so they have time for sports, arts, music, etc.
* Housing is not really difficult to find. Renting in Luxembourg is expensive and difficult. The real estate market has been good.
To get a impression
* Cost of living (2011): Milk comes in 1L and cost about 1.20 euro. Bread is around 2.50 euro. This website gives a good idea about prices:

I am planning to visit in May and get a better feel of the Housing Market and feel of the place.
Have a Great week!

Hi Caroline,

So, are you finally in Luxembourg now ?

By the way, the country is between France, Belgium and Germany ;)

Hi there (o: I wish I was!!! But change of plans at the company... the project has been postponed. In the mean time, I'll keep traveling back and forth Canada-Europe. Next visit in October (o:

Take care!

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