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Hi Eyeru konjo.

Welcome to the forum. Perhaps you should introduce yourself with a little information about yourself.

Hello Leadies and Gentlemen, I am Biruk Abera Bayissa where from the Eastern part of Africa Ethiopia and l here by announced that l have an upper most interest to work abroad in the interest of changing my life. Even if not satisfied salary l have been working here by hireling with local currency payment not that much enough for life. But l have stayed sofar for l deserve to assist my poor families those are economically disadvantages. I have decided that I am not saying here anymore if I get a sponsor who are able to take me to abroad with cover my traveling document in which includes visa and l have map to  give back all of his expenses while l reach there.

Hello! I Currently living in Marshall,Minnesota.I often flying to visit Ethiopia and my families.

Hello fellow expats!!!

My name is Shane and I will be moving to Addis in January, 2018.

I'm from Minneapolis, MN, and have never been to Africa before. I am very excited to experience the culture of Ethiopia and also to witness the grandeur of the Great Rift!

I will be working closely with a host family in the Old Airport area as an occupational therapist for their son. I will also be providing private Cognitive Skills Training to various other clients. Essentially I am a personal fitness trainer, but for the mind instead of the body! If you would like to know more about what that means, feel free to message me :-)

I am very interested in health and fitness these last few years, and hope to do a lot of hiking and biking while in and the city, and I will want to find a way to make some trips out of the city to explore the countryside. I am interested in any tips for exploration y'all can give me!

Hi Elle,

Sarah from New York here.

I'm so glad you are able to spend time in Addis... My favorite city :)

It can take a little time to get used to Addis, but how is it going so far?

I though I would drop a line to mention that I have a new construction modern house in Addis if you know anyone who is in need of a rental...

Good luck and I hope you fall in-love with Addis the way I did.


Hello everyone,

My name is Mariannick Koffi, I am a french-born Ivorian female who has just arrived in Addis Ababa for a job with the UN and AU for the next six months. I have previously worked in the DRC, Switzerland and Belgium.
I speak french, english and spanish.
Looking forward to this new experience and to meeting you all.



Hi All,

I'm Sapan, from India.

I have been to Addis Ababa in the past (3 years ago).
I had worked for 2 years at Addis Ababa.
I like Ethiopian food, language and people.

I have 11 years of work experience in the field of Travel, Immigration, Manufacturing, Trading, Telecom, Real Estate and KPO.

I am looking for work in Ethiopia.
I have expertise in commercial matters, operations management and logistics.

Warm Regards,

My names are Mary Akinyi. I am originally from Kenya and hopefully will be staying here for the next 2 years with regular international trips worldwide.I have been working in Ethiopia,Addis Ababa since September 2017(or 2010 Ethiopian Calendar).


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Thanks for the welcome. Almost making final decisions to move to Addis looking forward to interactions and support.


my name is rowell, i live in england and i would like to work in addis ababa, ethiopia as a dental technician and i am a returner with 7yrs experience.  i am available August 2018 to start work in a dental lab

My name is Eskinder and I live in Addis Ababa Ethiopian any one looking for new friend and want help can contact me

I am happy to be the member of the expat I would like to join the work or education

hi how are you

I am happy to join full fund scholarship in Europe I am graduated in bachelor degree in crop scince I need Master degree.


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