School for my daughter, Gr 8, Varna

Hi, we are moving to Bulgaria from South Africa early next year. I would like to inquire about schools for her in Varna, perhaps. I have heard that the First Language School teaches in English. Is there perhaps someone in the forum that could advise me? I am open to other suggestions for schools as we have not yet decided  where we would stay. Language is not a problem as she learns easily.
Thank you so much

There is also the American High School in Varna that teaches in English

Here is a list of the public schools in Varna: … ary_school

(You can translate the page to get a sense of them, and most of them have websites if you click on them). A bunch of them offer full or partial education in English. Where she would go depends on what she wants to study, as many of them specialize (language, IT, economics etc.)

Hope that helps.

Thank you so very   much! Highly appreciate!  May I ask , what would I need as far as papers concerned, with applying to the schools.....I will  have her Gr 7 report translated and Seal of Apostille being January, but I am not sure if there is any other papers that they might require?
Thanks again!

Oh, and to let you know that in Bulgaria elementary goes up to grade 8 and high school starts in grade 8, as well. If your daughter wants to go to a more competitive high school, it is a good idea for her to do her grade 8 year at a high school, not an elementary, if possible, as the prep is a bit more intensive.

We are also moving to Varna for the  school year commencing in 2017 (Sept). My son is in Grade 5 and will be joining the same grade in September 2017.
After a great deal of searching we have decided on a private school for his initial introduction to Bulgaria.
I do not know if it is permitted to give details of the school on this forum but if you PM me I will give you all the information I have.
A lady who also speaks good English has also helped me with all the formalities of buying a house etc. I also could ( with her permission) pass on her details if you wish.
We have bought a piece of land in a suburb of Varna called Vinitsa and are in the process of getting all the necessaary paperwork to build a house. The house will be located about 8 Km from the school.
Good luck

Thank you so very much!
I would highly appreciate your feedback, please email me**
Kind regards

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Hi Sulene,

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Hello Sulene

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Hi me and my family planing to move to varna got to children age 2 and 9 dont speak bulgarian just if anyone can give us advice about school and how much they cost thank you

Hi is anyone knows good english school in varna i got to children they cant speak or read bulgarian ???

Hi Eshek Can i please have the school details ***
thanks 😊

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Good Morning Eshek,

We also are planning to move to Varna shortly and have twins who will need to go to grade 5.

Can I ask did you find a private school in Varna region with English language ability? We only found the French school so far. Thanks


There is the American High School, quite new and private.

The French school, EFIV, been around about 8yrs.  Follows French curriculum. All subjects in French.

The first language high school is a public school but one of the best in Varna.  It came second last year after the Maths high school.  They teach intensive English or German in first year...then two or three subjects in chosen language (rest of subjects taught in Bulgarian).


Links to the above schools:

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