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I am going to built a factory in near Dhaka.Any body can guide me the about especially labour handling issues etc.We will built near DHAKA.Kindly help me if there are any serious issues regarding public or workers working style.We have a reputed set up in Pakistan and now going to start in DHAKA.



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Hi, Ali
I Think i can help you on this issue.
Let me know more about your plan and requirement.

Hi Wahid

     Thank so much for your reply.I want to know about the work force/Labour issues.How we can manage better as we hire atelast 2000/workers and our production will start with in three to four month.We have good set up in Pakistan but here energy crisis is unavoid able that why we moved to BD.May you help me to understand the general culture or attitude of workfore/Labour.Kindly respond if you have spare time.

1-What about worker learning attitude/How much time required to train a workder for moderate complex job.One/Two or three month.
2-We should hire Male or Female.Pls share both gender issue if u know.We are ethical company and we never fire any body when we hired a worker very strict policy.
3-Employees turn over/mean resignation.
4-Minimum Wage.
5-How many kitchen expese will be for a couple/Two person only kitchen +utility in DHAKA
6-If factory is 30-KM away from DHAKA how much time required for DHAKA to site travelling.
7-Any DO OR NOT DO especially for Pakistanies.
8-Two bet room Flate Rent in Posh area of DHAKA
9-Do you suggest any area for residence which is more better for foreigner.

Thanks a lot


Dear Ali,

It seems you really planing for something big, about your queries I am giving you the best answers upon my Experience and Knowledge.

1-On an average 80% workers dose not takes more than a month to learn and get used to with a little complex job, but you have to find the capable,willing to type workers and have to have good trainers.
2-Gender issue is almost as same as Pakistan, just ensure a good environment to avoid unnecessary problems.
3- Usually worker category employees stays at least 2-3 years and more depending on working environment and offering by other companies.
4-For workers, minimum wage is BDT 3000 excluding over time.
5- Kitchen Expense and utilities depends on food habit and life style for mid level 8,000-10,000 and for pos level 10,000-25,000.
6-According to traffic conditions of Dhaka it will take 1.30-2.00 hours to travel.
7-No special Do or Dont peoples are cooperative here, just be well mannered.
8-Two Bed room Flat in Gulshan/Banani 22,000-35,000  and in Dhanmondi/Eskaton 18,000-30,000. Both areas are pos and This rent is for non furnished flat.
9-Usually most of the foreigners lives in Baridhara and Gulshan. I also know few Pakistani communities they lives in Dhanmondi.

I hope these information will help you, if you have any other queries or you want any cooperation, feel free to mail or call me.

Dear Ali,

The best advise is embassy website for Bangladesh, and ask the Consular of Economics any questions.

I know this Embassy is in the United States, however they should be able to answer your questions or direct you to someone in the Ministry of Economics in Bangladesh.


Hope this helps,

Troy RIchardson

Hi Wahid/Troy

      I am very thanful to you.Your advise and info will be very helpful for me during decision making.

Thanks A Lot


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I can help you regarding your factory setup in Bangladesh.
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