marriage and immigration to DR

Me agan

just wndering when  i come to DR in early summer
If i marry my new lady here in DR

am I permitted to stay in DR and live with her and her son??

what would need to happen


If I were you, I would file for residencia without the marriage. This needs to be done back home, prior to you coming to the DR. Then you can choose where you'd like to live, but it might be best to get your own apartment. Take things slow. What do you have to lose?

And whatever you do.... don't give/send money. I mean - go ahead if you want to. But that's a massive red flag.

In answer to your question, if you marry a Dominican citizen you will qualify for residency under the family reunification category.  However, you will need to apply for residency which requires that you first obtain a visa from the Dominican consulate in your country of origin.  Although a file can be submitted to any consulate while you are in the DR, once the visa is approved you will be required to travel back to your country  in order to have the visa stamped onto your passport by the consulate.  Once the visa is issued you will have sixty days to return to the DR to apply for residency via the Immigration Dept.   Good luck!

I agree start residency way before.

And take it slow as I indicated in your other post.

Good Evening,

I've been in a relationship with a woman in the DR for awhile and we are talking about getting married. About how long does it take for me to get residencia there while I am here in the states waiting on paperwork to process and if I kept majority of my money in US accounts is there risk in the event of a divorce or would the assets be limited to money in Dominican accounts? IE (401k, Roth, etc)

Are you think residency for family reunification?   If so you don't qualify for financial reasons you just need to be married.

If trying to qualify as a retiree or by income the money can stay in USA but you have to prove income.

Your assets in the states remain yours. I also suggest  getting a prenup agreement.

You would be surprised how many couples in DR say they are married and have not had a formal marriage. They live together with their children as esposa/marido but have never found the time to go through with even the short civil ceremony.

My suggestion is that you first live together here with spouse to be for a decent period of time - years - before embarking on a formal marriage. I am of course assuming that your plan is to live here? There is no stigmas here being a couple and referring to each other as my esposa until such time you are absolutely sure of each other. Who wants to get married? You or her?

You should investigate all residency options open to you and as far as your assets are concerned, and don't disclose the full picture.

Now if you cohabit, if I am correct, legally your partner would be considered 'concubinato' and they do have some rights in the event of a split, so again research that.

If you are going to simply live with someone make sure you understand the law AND what actually happens here.  They are two different things.

I would be applying for residency through marriage. She has family in the states too so yes a prenup might be good.

Thank you

She wants to get married and she said she doesn’t care if we live in DR or the states.It would seem to be hard to live with her as you say because the residency options have changed. I’m not retired and my only income is my job which is remote. From what I understand that is not enough they want you to have rentals or SSN or some type of monthly income besides a job. I have overstayed my visa before but from what I have been reading they are cracking down on that and I really wouldn’t want to wear out my welcome.

It sounds like your only route to residencia is via marriage.  Just make sure to protect yourself and go for it.  I am assuming you actually want to marry her. If not, then don't!

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