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Hello! I am an American, considering moving to Thailand for a few months for a change of scenery. I will need to work while I'm there and have a job that allows me to work remotely. My job also requires me to make frequent video calls, so I will require a private and quiet room with fast and reliable Internet connection to work. I know there are several workspaces available for rent, but I don't know how these are set up. Does anyone know of a good workspace where I could rent a private office with fast and reliable internet connection?

It's not quite as simple as moving here for a few months for a change of scenery. When you arrive you'll get a 30 day tourist visa which needs to be extended and I'm afraid "a change of scenery" isn't a visa option. I suggest first you do a search on visa requirements. It's complex and I personally don't have the knowledge. On your original question you don't really need an office. I do what you are intending to do and have done for 3 years but I do have a valid visa extension. I work from my apartment with its own internet connection. I pay for a speed of 10mbps but get 17 which is quite enough for any video calls, high definition TV streaming or anything. Hope this helps.

I didn't really need the lecture about visa requirements. Intentionally didn't ask about that because I already know how to go about obtaining one. I am fairly well-traveled and have never even considered just showing up somewhere before doing careful research.

I had seen a lot of conflicting information about the speed and reliability of internet connection there, which is why I specifically asked about that. Your input on that topic is appreciated and helpful.

You didn't say where in Thailand you plan to stay but I have friend that used a place in Pattaya called Anchor Coworking  Space.  Much his of work required video conference's and he said no problem with internet.

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ptillson: Thank you for that info on the visa. I myself may be going to Thailand next year and it's good to get this kind of info....even if the OP didn't need it. Some of us do!

Internet speeds are generally very good in Thailand.

Hi Emly,

Most of the time it's better to choose Co-Working spaces. In Bangkok, there are many which is under 200$ a month, with good internet and additional charges for video conferencing. These co-working places are in prime city location.
Apart from that, if you need dedicated internet to your home/ room or etc, preferred are as follows:
3BB - 50 mbps - 600 Baht/ Month (with initial deposit of 2000 Baht (modem)
AIS - 100 mbps - 950 baht/ month (with inital deposit of 2500 baht (modem)
True - not preferred

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