Job offer in Bahrain

Hi all,

I have been offered a position in Bahrain (Manama) at a salary of BHD 5000/- pm all inclusive, family medical extra. I have 2 school going kids, will have to rent a 2 B/R apartment, have to buy a car & maintain it plus all other reasonable expenses a family guy will have.
I just want to know if this offer is good and will allow me & family to have a decent life in Bahrain?
Thanks in anticipation.

hi and welcome to Bahrain in advance, and as for you r question, i think it will cover everything and you can save some as well.

best wishes

Thanks for your reply.....

Hello Sunkum,

You can also browse other related topics to get a broad idea about general expenses and the cost of living : Cost of living in Manama


Thanks Chris. Will do...


few more useful links  : Definitive Guide to Bahrain for New Expats : cost of living … 1#p2522261 : cost of living area wise


Gr8...thanks for the info!!

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