I would like to move to Brazil.

I m an Indian single, doing business in Botswana. I would like to move to Brazil. I would like to know the minimum investment required to immigrate to Brazil how much? I m seeking a life partner also there.Is there any body to help me?

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Concerning your search for a life partner, you should post an advert under Brazil classifieds > personals section - men seeking women.

ps: please remember you are not on a dating website.

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Hello there. For immigratin to Brazil in this conditions you would have to invest  a minimum of US$ 50,000 in any kind of productive activity in Brazil. This kind of permanent visa is issued conditionally for five years. Before this period ends, you will need to show to the Federal Police that you have accomplished with your plan of absorption of Brazilian employees and your investment plan so your visa can be re-validated.

I lived in south africa for one year and visited Botswana sometimes. Nice place.

Unfortunately, since you are indian I have good and bad news for you. Last year there was a very very popular soap opera in Brazil which was set in India. So, the good knews are that if you are seeking a life partner there should be plenty of women interested, because many of the bazilian women fell in love with the indian characters. Now the bad news is that the author didn't do enough research in indian culture, so many many things shown about india in Brazil during that time are just absurd, you must be patient with stupid questions people may ask you.

Have you decided where would you like to go in Brazil? I can give you some information on different parts in the country, depending on what you are planning to invest in.

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