Looking to make friends in Jinan

Hey there! I'm moving to Jinan from Canada within the next month. Hoping to meet other English speaking expats so please feel free to leave a reply if you're interested in getting acquainted. Cheers

hello!  where is everyone?

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I'll be in jinan in no less than 3 weeks. Looking to meet friends that enjoy sight seeing and travelling!

Hi, I just moved to Jinan one week ago, still getting familiar with the place. you can contact me when you come, do you have wechat? in china you´ll need.

Hello everyone,

You might use the expat Event section to organise a meet up in Jinan. Here is the link : https://www.expat.com/en/events/asia/china/jinan/ click on post an event.


No I don't, but I'll make sure I get it. I'll be arriving in about two weeks so I will be sure to msg you when I get there. Are you traveling to Jinan for work?

No, I am here for my studies, I hope to get some part-time job, as well, soon.

  This is Thanzeem. i am Indian, living in Jinan. Am looking for English speaking friends.
Contact me through Wechat*

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Hi i will move to jinan in march to study chinese and i'd like to make chinese friends can speak english ^^ if anyone interested reply me

I just moved to Jinan from Canada/Vancouver as well.

.....just arrived here from Florida a little over three weeks ago.

Hi.....hope you're enjoying your time and teaching!  I've only been in Jinan for 3 weeks.

Thanks Matt

Been in Jinan for a couple days. looking for friends.

Soo, anyone still living in Jinan and interested in a coffee date? I am a dutch person, currently living till August in Jinan for study. I have wechatt, if you want my contact info you can PM me.

Just moved from the UK to Jinan to study. Anyone wants to meet up?

You still in Jinan?

Hello everyone! I moved here the 6th of this month and would love to make some more English-speaking friends.

Hello. . I am moving to Yiwu City in Feb 2018.

Can someone tell me if there are many ways to meet foreigners to hang out with English speaking in Jinan?   I am considering a job in the next city called Taian.

How do you like Jinan. I'm moving there in a few weeks.

Me too

I’ll be moving there in about 3 weeks.

Hope your transition went well. All settled? Me neither:)


I haven’t moved yet, I should fly in about the 14th. I am getting excited now, it’ll be my birthday on the 15th, so being in Jinan will be a totally different way of celebrating my birthday.

How long have you been in China?

Moving to Jinan sometime in April from England.

Anyone here still living in Jinan? I'm moving to Jinan from the UK at the end of April and it would be great to meet up :)

Hi, I am Kevin and just joined this web...I am from Hong Kong and will be in Jinan to work as trainee with a property development company from April till October.

I would like to meet someone new aside from work. See if you/ anyone seeing this are interested to meet up and explore the city together!

hi..this is max .. Italian..often visit Jinan..
tomorrow i will be there.. in Jinan
any suggestion to have nice evening in bar or disco with nice music.. where to find other english speaking people.. since my chinese is very bad...
thank you
if someone is around tomorrow.. send me a message...

I've been in Jinan now for 2 months. I just love it here. I know how scary it can be to move to a strange place. My fears were false & unfounded. All of the things I worried about have not been a problem. Of course, many people have helped me get settled into my new home in Jinan. I'd be happy to repay their kindness to me by helping you get settled into your new home too.

Feel free to contact me on WeChat. My ID is CWA627. That is the best way to contact me. I don't check my Gmail very often nor the expat.com website. WeChat is used by everyone, everywhere in China. if you don't have WeChat, download it soon.

As you're getting packed & prepared, just breathe. Everything is going to be OK. It's been wonderful for me. I'm sure it will be for you too!

By the way, although I am an American, I was born in the UK... Brize Norton.

Settled in. Jinan has been great for me. Hope your experience has been awesome. HMU if you'd like to speak to someone in English for a change:) 

Carl Altizer

I moved to Jinan from Miami like a month ago. What are the best places to meet foreigners?

Thank you. 😊

Hi, I'm Chris from Canada. I'll be in Jinan for a month, if anyone feel like hanging out.


I know this is an old thread, but I have just landed in Jinan. Im looking to meet any English speaking people for socialising and general hints and tips, I don't want to tread on toes within certain traditions etc etc.
If there is anyone that would like to get in touch please do.

Hope to hear from people soon

Mark (Engineer from England)

Hi hi. Frank here. I just reached Jinan from Singapore. Nice to know you!!!
You can add me on whatsapp ****

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Hi this is Frank. Looking forward to make friends

I am Alex, new expat in Jinan, also looking for english speakers expat
Do you still living in Jinan?
Best regards

Hi Alex,

Yes I am here. When did you move?

Have a great day

On monday, but I've been in Qingzhou the rest of the week.
One cup of tea or beer this weekend? :D

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