Is there somone who is a membership at Sunway Langoon Club

Hi, I am staing near the Sunway Lagoon Club. I am looking for a swimming pool (for swim). But this club is full and they told me that I have to go to the sunway Lagoon . It' s a park, I can swim there.
I think, a memership can go with a guest. So I would like to know if someone have pass and would like to help me to enter at Sunway Lagoon Club.
Or maybe somone would like to send his pass?

I looked for an other club but they are too far and it' s not easy to go there by public transports.

Thanks for your reply!

Hello there, are you still looking for a place to swim ?
If yes do send me a private message. I might be able to help you out.
Have a nice day

Ya.... i have ...
U r working?

Ya.. I have...

You can try Kompleks Sukan 3K at Jalan SS13 Komplek Sukan 3K

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