Renting in Tehran

Hi everyone,

I am looking for a renting in Tehran, a room in a shared flat (or house) - or even a studio for three months (the ideal price would be between 300 or 500€ /month)

May I have some good plans, contacts, advices ?

Thanks a lot

Hello Gwen :cheers:

You will have better chances to find a nice rental if you drop  your advert in the appropriate section of the site :

> Housing in Tehran



I am expat from Australia  with Indian background -  Looking for a suitable person to share a three bedroom apartment.


Hi Cyril,

Do not hesitate to drop an advert in the Housing in Tehran section > shared accommodation. Your ad will benefit from more visibility and members will be able to contact you directly.

All the best,

Thank you

How are you? Regarding renting in Tehran, we have a house is a luxury style. it is a big house with 5 rooms, three bathrooms, garden and more.
we have setup something very interesting for the expats. for a room, 3 meals a day, cleaning and washing clothes, wifi service, TV and all needed things 500 Euros/months. And I speak couple of languages such as fluent in english, spanish, german, some french and polish . I can even help you for getting around for translation and any other help.
if you use whatsapp please contact me to send you some pics of the house. it is in a very good spot that has access to public transportation.
My phone number on whatsapp is : *** I am in Tehran right now and the phone number here is : ***
let me know how we can be of any help.


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Hi Gwen,
When are you planing to move in? I  believe you saw my ad. This is our house with 5 room, fully furnished. Right now three guys, one from spain and to girls from potugal just moved in here. One room available with its own bath room. Price would be 350 euros/month. Would be freshly painted with new carpet. Let me know details a out yourself.  Where are you now? Are u in Tehran? Where are you from



I will be travelling to IRAN in April for three months. Can someone help me with the accommodation. I am interested in rending the room in shared house.

Room should be separate.


I'm Omran. Where do you going to work? I can help you

Thanks just waiting for the final confirmation . Will let u soon. How is life in Tehran . Thanks

Living anywhere for three months won't be so difficult! In tehran, it is good! You will remember it! Still it is a populated capital so air pollution or noisy environment might bother you of course it depends on what u are going to do here

Life is not that bad. Right there are two Portuguese girls and a guy from Spain here in this house with me. They are exchange students. We all are fine. They go on constant trips from the university and they like it. I still dont know this place but will get  to see it. When actually are you planning to come to Iran? Just let me know if I can be of any help.



Thanks Nadir. Yeah the process is struct in issuance of some document from the end client but let see . Which part of the tehran do you live and where r u originally from. Do you have spare room in your accommodation. What r u paying as a rent with amenities?


I was born in the US, Washington DC. There is a room available now in this house. My parents were from here. I came here to take my old dad with me but three weeks later he passed away. Right now this is house they left for me. I really need to go back home  which right now is Berlin but taking care of some paper work for this house.the room that is available got its own both room. Everything including WiFi is 350 euros per month.  One deposit and the first month rent and the contract are all needed.  We are towards the east of the city with everything around you, including metro, bus and taxi agency and lots of nice shopping malls and food stuff.

For what date؟

Hello, Nader!
I was wondering if you had a room available for October/2017, and what would be the price for a 1 month stay.

Me, my wife and child (1,5 years old) are planning to stay for a month in Tehran, and would need a room for the 3 + access to a kitchen for some basic meals. We are Portuguese, and will be in a half-work-half-holiday mood.

Regards from Porto,


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