wanted: 1 bdr or studio apartment, Sept-Nov 2014, in Darrous, Tehran

I am looking for a 1 bedroom or studio apartment for 3 months, September through November 2014 in the Darrous neighbourhood of Tehran, ideally within walking distance of Shahrzad Blvd. Other locations considered if they provide easy access to Shahrzad Blvd.


there are many house agencies office everywhere in Iran (Tehran)and they have a list of vacant houses and apartments near their offices. so you just need to go their office and select what you want, they will show you the flat or house and if you like it they will make agreement between you and the owner of the flat. (these agencies will charge you for their services)

check this out


maybe  help you  :D

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I also suggest to place an ad in the section housing inTehran.

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