Primary schools in Madrid

Hi, sorry if there's already a wealth of info on this topic - please post a link if so!

We are thinking of moving to Madrid, and my six-year-old will be going to school there. Ideally, we'd like him to go to the local state primary (if it doesn't work out we'll send him to a private school, but that's not our first choice).

He doesn't speak Spanish. Is it true (I've heard rumours) that all state schools in Madrid are now bilingual? Even if not, does anyone know if it's hard or easy for a child to manage in state schools, at about his age?

Any info much appreciated :)

Hello! We moved to Madrid from the US and our daughter started in school here last fall, she knew very little Spanish.  I was so worried about her but she was fine after the first couple of weeks.. She picked up Spanish very quickly and by the end of the year everyone was amazed at her Spanish.. We sent her to a semi private school called Gredos San Diego.. I am very happy with the school.. They were very helpful when we first arrived  and her teacher was excellent. Since it's a semi private it is not free but it is a lot cheaper then a private school..

Hi Sherri;
We are moving to Madrid and we are looking at a semi private school for our son too.
Can you send me the contact email of this school? They have many schools in Madrid. Which school is yours?

The school is Gredos San Diego( El Escorial campus) here is the school website:

My husband and I have been very happy with this school.

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