Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H)

i reckon you have to be in kl to get your mm2h visa stickers in your passports, you can travel on a visit visa(if you need a visa) and then get a journey performed visa (charges apply) which is done at the same time you process your mm2h visas

i hope you have applied directly to mm2h rather than those expensive mm2h agents
i dont think you would face a problem getting your mm2h if you have followed all the mm2h requirements

Hi,  Good day. I am Indian working in Saudi Arabia. I applied for MM2H in July and the application is accepted. I planned to relocate to KL in September with one year multi entry tourist visa. Is it possible to bring my household items through cargo on my name even though I am yet to receive MM2H visa? Also advise any good cargo agents who does this. Do I have to pay any duty for the shipment? Please advise.

You can send anything to Malaysia irrespective of whether you have an MM2H or whether you live there or not. It's not related. Choose a cargo agent in Saudi Arabia and they will already have a cargo agent in Malaysia that they regularly cooperate with. I shipped personal effects, about 2.5 cubic metres from the UK to Malaysia and I didn't pay any duty at all.

zamiruddin - I am confused - the MM2H application usually takes 3-4 months to vet and then you receive a formal offer stating all the terms. These include items about fixed deposit, medical insurance, etc. (it has 2 pages and states the time-frame dates.

I don't know what you actually received after one month - but I  am curious whether it was the formal offer letter - could it just be a confirmation that your application has been received?  You can check your status on the website. Once it is approved, an approval reference number is shown.

Just found the checker - … ion-status

Are there in KL Condos obove or very near shopping malls?
My wife cant real walk very good anymore so this would be nice

Thank you. I just have information  that my application is received.

Major change regarding MM2H Tax Incentive on Vehicles. This information comes from a reputable Agent.

"The Government has decided to abolish the tax incentive on the purchase of new locally assembled vehicle or the import of a pre-owned private vehicle into Malaysia under MM2H Programme. Therefore, this incentive will be terminated with effect from 1 January 2018. In this regard, the Ministry of Finance will only process the tax exemption applications received through the online application system called Sistem Maklumat Pengerusan Cukai Kerajaan Malaysia for applications received up to 31st December 2017. However, the application for sell  / transfer of ownership of the  exempted vehicles will still be processed as usual"


Please note the online information/approval status is not updated regularly. If you are in KL suggest you go to MM2H office to check

immo2014 - there are condos above Pavilion Mall and quite a few other mixed-use buildings around the Klang Valley. It is the latest trend to build in this way.

The MM2H Committee meets twice a month to review applications and it takes about 5-10 days for the database checker to be updated thereafter.

Thanks for the update Gravitas on the tax-free car situation. It is a real shame though as being able to buy a tax-free locally assembled car was one of the few advantages of having an MM2H, but then I guess it isn't going to reduce the number of people applying to retire in Malaysia.

There are lots of shopping malls with condos above them or beside them. Mid Valley Megamall has one right beside it. Publika is also good and perhaps the apartments there are less expensive than many others (I quite like Publika as far as malls go). Tropicana City Mall too, and of course Times Square. The ones above Pavilion Mall are pretty exclusive, wish I could have lived in one of those. Yes Gravitas is right, there is a trend to build shopping malls with condos or serviced apartments above them.


I noticed that Sarawak too has it's MM2H program in which financial requirements are less stringent, they do not insist for placement of deposit if one can meet income requirements but instead they have a sponsor requirement who should be a Sarawak resident. Shall be obliged if you can share your valuable information / inputs in this regard. Sincerely appreciate your sparing time and effort to provide guidance.
Thanks & Regards

- they do not insist for placement of deposit if one can meet income requirements -

The MM2H for peninsular Malaysia is the same - they only require the deposit if the income is not up to RM10k per month (but an applicant can show liquid assets and reasonable level of monthly income to be approved). The wording is purposely  vague and the decision is on a case by case basis.

Thanks Gravitas, but peninsular Malaysia does insist for deposit placement even if you meet income requirements. Do you have any specific input on Sarawak MM2H program?

No it doesn't - the deposit is only required if the monthly income is less than RM10k and not from a government source. Most people would not choose to live in Sarawak, especially when Penang is available. I am guessing a MM2H Agent can be the sponsor. (Perhaps it's just a way to ensure applicants use an Agent and generate income for the area?). This is similar to the peninsular Malaysia MM2H where the agent removes the necessity to pay a Bond.

Thanks Gravitas. didn't know that. I had matched income requirements bank certified but didn't have govt pension and they insist for deposit placement. That's why I thought of Sarawak.

Thanks, do you think agents can manage to get an approval without deposit placement? Do you recommend any?

It's the word "government" that is the catch. Most people don't get substantial pensions from their govrnment, but from other sources, such as occupational pensions. I imagine the thinking is a government pension of the required level cannot be faked. But I just noticed that the word "minimum" has been added to all the requirements, implying that they actually expect higher levels now. This was an expected development, plus of course no tax free car anymore from January 2018

Fully agree with you Gravitas

Deposits placement turns out to be an expensive affair with loss on investments, exchange conversion and currency depreciation. Was therefore looking at Sarawak option, with Sarawak visa one can stay in Penang too

The issue about the MM2H programme is international retirees are a very small minority in Malaysia and there is little networking, except in Penang where there are a large number of retirees from all over the world. Plus it is a destination of choice for other longer-stay or returning senior visitors. So the social life is in place, which is not the case in my experience of living in KL for a number of years and now Penang. KL area has more expats with young families and people under 45 who work - so different priorities.

Sri Lanka has an economically attractive retirement visa.

Thanks Gravitas, have reviewed it too but didn't find it appealing.

It might also be prudent to wait until after the next election in Malaysia (2018) to see what is going to happen here. The country is changing quite substantially these days. The COL is rising fast and with low income now from O&G taxation is the name of the game.

Agree, but it's quite far, impact would take over a year or two.

Actually think it could be a la Trump - i.e. obliterate the predecessor and his policiies.......

Hi Gravitas. So just for clarification, if you can prove an overseas income of more than RM10k per month, the fixed deposit is no longer required?

Yes, abdulkhalil - for the over 50s applications the qualifying requirement has always been having a government pension paying over RM10k per month. The key word is "government". 

++++++++EDIT: LOOKS LIKE THE FD IS NOW MANDATORY (see following post)+++++++

The wording from is:

Applicants aged 50 and above may comply with the financial proof of RM350,000 in liquid assets and off shore income of RM10,000 per month.  For certified copy(s) of Current Account submitted as financial proof, applicants must provide the latest 3 months' statement with each month's credit balance of RM 350,000. For those who have retired, they are required to show proof of receiving pension from government RM 10,000 per month.



(B) Aged 50 years and above

Can either choose to:
Open a fixed deposit account of RM150,000.00 ; OR
Show proof of receiving pension from government RM10,000 per month

Thanks for the clarification.

It looks like in reality the FD is mandatory now.

I checked on the Alter Domus website (they are ultra reputable) and it confirms that a RM10k monthly equivalent government pension no longer precludes a person from having to place the FD.

Quote from Alter Domus website: * The government pension method is not applicable anymore now.

Hi senior 123 and fellow expats,
My husband is required to apply a COR in order to enjoy tax withholding from his new employer in Singapore, may I know what is the procedure?
Can he apply at Inland Revenue branch at Jalan Duta? and how long would it take to get the certificate?
How can he prove his 182 days of stay in Malaysia? copies of all pages of his passport?

Thanks for your reply in advance!

It's an annual certificate (Jan-Dec) … ;bt_sequ=1

Thanks Gravitas for the link. I did read it but still confuse on whether we can go Jalan Duta branch instead of cyber jaya. Just wonder if anyone has experience applying it have more details to share.

Hello Sir
I just got an appoval of MM2H program and got my conditional letter,
could you please kindly advice if I can make the FD 300 k RM as cash and not as bank transfer
I mean to bring the fund physically equal in USD$?
please advise

You can't automatically bring that amount of cash into Malaysia. The limit is USD10k. For amounts which exceeds the permitted limit, prior written permission must also be obtained from Director, Exchange Control Dept, Bank Negara Malaysia.  Contact no.: +603 2698 8044 ext 8213.

Nashaat.k wrote:

Hello Sir
I just got an appoval of MM2H program and got my conditional letter,
could you please kindly advice if I can make the FD 300 k RM as cash and not as bank transfer
I mean to bring the fund physically equal in USD$?
please advise

There is a daily limit of depositing cash to bank account.
Better you use TT to deposit your RM 300K FD.
New bank policies just released. There are more restriction to open bank account and depositing money.

You need to come to Malaysia first and open your savings account. You can then TT transfer the amount to your savings..when applying for the saving accounts you have to show your letter of approval of MM2H only then the bank will open your account

Yes it will. At least to which type of visa people will apply for.
I wonder if they take the time of your application or your time of acceptance of the eligibility to bring in a car.

Hi, Good day. I have applied for MM2H on July 11. Checked on the status and it says "pending committee approval". Is this normal? It is more than 2 months now. Does this mean that all ok and waiting for committee approval. Please advise. Thank you