How to sell a condo?

For personal reasons I need to return to Canada. I have a beautiful condo for sale ( I'm a retired architect). My problem is I can't find anyone with any integrity/professionalism to handle the sale. I've talked to a few brokers (can't find any licensed real estate agents) but they have really no network with which to tie into.

Anyone have any ideas on how best to advertise / market the unit?

I have full title and it's going to go way below cost.

It's in las pinas - walking distance to sm south mall and close to Alabang town Center in Alabang.


Hello Gonta,

Till members advise you, i suggest you drop an advert in the Housing in the Philippines section of the website. Maybe you could get a buyer.

All the best,

The best way is to do like you are doing.... once you leave it In the hands of one of these folks here it my never get sold. I met a guy after I first came here and he told me how he was trying for a year to sell his condo. He eventually found out that the so called Realtors had it priced much higher than he wanted. He just wanted to quickly sell it. They wouldn't allow prospective buyers communicate with him and then finally a guy was able to locate him via slueth. They talked and it was sold to him within a beware of those folks who want commission., THEY are greedy and will Jack up the price so high it won't get looked at anytime soon....

If you are willing to consider leasing for a year that might make it more attractive because that's what I'm interested in is to lease then buy... I have a house in Northern Luzon I just want a Condo as well... inbox me if that is an option otherwise talk to expats who are interested and the wa

Way you know that they are interested is because they are here already...

The interesting thing about the Philippines is nothing is ever easy and straight forward here. I uploaded my description in the housing section along with the maximum three pictures. But later when I went to check if the ad was there it was WITHOUT the uploaded pics!? Not sure how this site expects me to see it without pics.

Back to square one with no one able to offer any tangible a vice on how to sell.

Things are more fun in the Philippines.

Unfortunately it's easy to buy, however they never tell you  in  the Philipinnes it's not so easy to sell, especially condos as your competing with developers giving interest free loans over 10 yr terms. My advice is try to use social media to advertise your condo in Canada, US, Australia and Europe. Get professional photos taken. Hire someone to do the viewing for you if your not living in Manila.

Hi Dinky - what types of social media do you suggest? YouTube? Any others - I'm not exactly a social media expert.

I have a cleaning lady who would show the unit and I have a personal friend who is a lawyer to handle all the legals.

Last but not least get a video made of your condo and surroundings, Main entrance gardens, facilities gym swimming pool parking area landscaping and post it on Facebook and your Google website.

You tube is great for the video of the unit but, Facebook will get you a lot of inquiries. Try The Buy and Sell... they aren't fond of Craigslist here so they created BUY AND SELLING on Facebook. Whenever I need something I go to the buy and sell Ilocos Norte or buy and sell Laoag. Mostly young professional use it. I'm sure it's one or several in fact for Manila and other jurisdictions.  So go on Facebook and check it out.... buy and sell philippines is there and buy and sell manila is there... Manila have over 10,000 members and Philippines much more.... you have to be creative my friends. I just post the building of my house as it's still under construction and I have over 20,000 views and that's only on Facebook no YouTube plus it's not even for sale and it's getting attention like that. So where and how much is your unit? I'm sure if you look into the Buy and Sell group on Facebook you will be very pleased.... free to post and post as often as you like... The members usually share each other's friend here makes his living selling gadgets and other items.... I recently purchased the large bottles of Apple cider vinegar from it works for him is he will take someone's gadgets and Sell them then he gets his fee....if you are on Facebook inbox me and I will share with you how to contact him for ideas... You just need to upload as much information as you can about the units because a lot of members to buy and sell are not living in the Philippines... The one in Manila has mostly real it's mostly motor, phones, jewelry, people's first born

So please don't fret.... once you decide you want to explore all options you can see the easiest way to go...

Good luck my friend.

P.S. You claim you want to sell it tell us where it is and how much... you are allowed to share that type information with US.

Sorry for late reply. You can see my condo listed in the housing for sale under the title "beautiful condo for sale". It is

Excuse the pics upside down as this is the way they uploaded?! I don't know why. I guess there is no editing done on the site.

Anyway, the condo is in las pinas - very close to sm south mall.

I'm asking 3.7 million pesos which is a steal considering what other condos are going for in the area. I'm a retired architect so I designed and managed the construction. Very high end materials and furniture.

Anyone interested I promise you will enjoy the condo and the area. You are very close to high end Alabang without the Alabang prices.

I have full title.


Try Jones Lang Lasalle. I do not have much experience with them but I know they are dealing with real estate. I had them assisting with leasing out property


Yes I agree that if a owners asking price is acceptable the agent put 10% on top. if direct purchase it's only the transaction costs (I used a very good and affordable attorney I knew from before to handle everything in a safe way) .

Leif Moen

If interesting for pictures just e-mail me on: xxx

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i just bought this condo in June this year and i am planning to just leave it. My question is...what will happen to the loan that i have with the bank here in the philippines if i will just leave the condo and don't pay them anymore?