Bass guitar amplifier

We are getting close to our move to Tunis.  My son plays the bass guitar and we are deciding whether or not to bring his amp/amplifier, or buy one there.  I searched music stores and the prices are outrageous (DT 40,000 for an ukulele).  I couldn't find a bass amp for sale but again, I don't speak French...the website was translated by google translate so I'm sure there were some errors. Zeryeb Musique was the website.

So, where can we purchase one there, or should we bring his in his suitcase? 


Hey i think you should bring his coz i don't think you'll find something better in here n if u do it'll be expensive i think idk i'm not sure

Btw i know some guitarists in here maybe they can help

Just wanted to follow up:  We found one at Sonomusic.  Sonomusic is a fantastic music store that has everything!! It is near the Tunis airport and has a range of prices and products.

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