Is it possible to buy fresh milk (cow or goat) anywhere in Tunisia?

I've been outside the country for half a year now and look forward to my return... but I don't look forward to UHT longlife milk! Because I eat healthily and organically, I wonder if there is a dairy anyplace in the country? Or should one simply ask one's neighbour if they would sell goat milk by the litre? Lots of fresh fruit and veg on the markets, but never any milk.
Thanks for any input!

There are two options for milk: ultra pasteurized and raw.

To get raw milk you have to find a dairy store. Ask someone near where you live. Once you find the first one you'll see them everywhere :)

I do recommend you bring the milk up to a boil first. Heath codes are often ignored here and hand washing is not a common practice when handling foodstuffs.

Hello, and thank you, Rio! I will certainly take your advice and hope for the best, because this matter is very important to me.
Take care, friend, and thanks again!
Cathryn (formerly of Kerkennah)

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