Long term rentals in ko phangan

hey people,

I am wanting to rent a house/bungalow in ko phangan for three months starting february 2011. I see some websites that advertise these but non are really suitable (I will be coming with my wife, my two autistic sons and our nanny) and plus the one that is suitable; the agent for it doesn't reply to my enquiries...

So please anyone out there who lives on ko phangan and can give me a point in the right direction regarding the following two questions gets lots of free beers when we get there!!!

1. where are the places to look on the net for a house/bungalow rental for three months for my described family? and if they are not on the net, how to I contact someone on ko phangan before i go?

2. how much should I pay? I have heard that i can get a house with our own pool for 10,000 baht a month. Is this true? I am certainly willing to pay for it (up to 17,000 per month) but am not willing to pay the full 'tourist' price.

anyone with any knowledge please please let me know....


Hi Ethan,

In previous visits to Koh Phangan I have found the WEST COAST to be quieter and with beautiful sunsets.  I have not been there for a few years,so I am sure it has been developed somewhat, but the WEST of the island is very nice.  I do not know myself of any properties, but I will ask around for you in Pattaya - I would be very interested in renting there myself some time so perhaps we can pool our resources?

As long as you DONT rent anywhere near Hadrin Beach/Fool Moon Party/Day-trippers paradise you will be fine (you probably know this already).

Unless you have a large budget you will need to be a walk away from the beach I suspect, as sand on your doorstep anywhere in Thailand is pricey!  With a family you will want something more substantial than a twig teepee.

My suspicions are that in High/Peak season when you plan to be there, you will NOT get anything of a suitable size/standard for your budget of 17,000 BMP.  I would be VERY surprised as you are not signing a 1year+ contract; not a house/bungalow anyway.  30,000 BMP maybe - or 17,000 for a reasonably sized flea ridden hovel!

If you DO find a house on KP at that time of the year for 10,000BMP you will have got a real bargain Ethan!

thanks for your insight... i am going to call the woman who is the agent for the place and see what she says... but having two kids its impractical to be anywhere that is not a walk away from the beach...if i cant find anything suitable on KP then I am thinking about the phillipines or maybe somewhere in indonesia...have you been there, and if so, any recommendations?

Hi Ethan,

Your dilemma is a common one and it is difficult to find a 'picture postcard' island that isn't expensive.  Indonesia is certainly cheaper £/£.  Forget Philippines.  My wife is Filipino and we have been discussing your problem over breakfast and unfortunately ALL the really nice islands in the Philippines are VERY VERY expensive. More so than Thailand.

Cheap, quality accommodation near the beach can be found in Pattaya two very nice areas are Pratumnak or Nagula.  There are lots of things for the children and amenities are excellent. Yes Pattaya is full of 'girlie bars' but these can be avoided and lots of kids activities are only a short baht bus drive away.  Baht buses in Pattaya are 10 Baht per person and you can get off whenever you wish.  Unlike other places in Thailand they are government controlled so getting around is cheaper than anywhere else.  Pattaya is a cheap base and the day-trip islands just of the coast are lovely and only 30 Baht each way by ferryboat.  Inflatables on the beach for the kids etc etc...

My concern is that the kids will get bored with little to do on an island and everything costs at least double once you leave the mainland.  Not a problem for couples and individuals, but for your duration WITH kids, it could prove quite costly. 

A solution would Pattaya Thailand OR Cambodia. Cheap, infrastructure  and beaches.

o.k. thanks for that heads up!!!
My wife wouldn't even visit pattaya if she was dead, let alone live there for three months!! I also thought about that but it would never happen...
but no matter where i look it seems that the three month rentals are very expensive...maybe i am going to have to just go to wherever we decide on going and then look locally as i am sure there are many more villas to rent that aren't shown on the internet, and cambodia is a good example of that. i have spend a whole night searching and seem only to find the same dozen or so in cambodia...
i am starting to find that this process is both very time consuming and very frustrating, but that said, thank you thank you thank you for making our problem your breakfast topic of conversation!!!

No problem - Just trying to help!
Of course Pattaya is what Pattaya is and does have a 'reputation' so I can understand your wife's reluctance.  Get your flights, book a cheap(ish) hotel for the first few nights and sure, locally you are likely to find what you are looking for when you are 'on the ground'.. At least you can then view prior to commitment!

I trust you will have a lovely time and I wish you 'the best of british' as they say :)

Hey, send me a pic when you move into your little bit of paradise!