interested in moving to Iloilo

I am very interested in moving to Iloilo in the next 12 month s and would like to get an update on living costs, including rents , food, electric, etc in Iloilo now.
Grateful for any replies.
I understand there is an expat community there that meets twice a month and would be very interested  in joining it when our time comes to move there.
good locations to look to move to would be also appreciated.  We would look for a 2 b/r  or more house.
close to the beach or a condo at least 50sqmts with a good pool, not in the city but on the outskirts if possible.
Thank you

Try for cost of living etc.

That site is just numbers, to find out what is happening in the city of Iloilo,the best is to get feedback
from members telling what it is actually spending each week on food, accommodation, electric etc.
I have gained little from that site in terms of realistic figures.

I thought you were going to live in Dumaguete. lol.

I have two options from my research, Iloilo and Dumaguete but moving is 12 months away.  Mid April partner and I are going to both places to have an initial look and try and
get a feel of the place.
She is Tagalog, so has no exposure to that area.  Those lists they put out, do not IMO advance the actual costs faced, but they do give you  a rough idea.
My preference at this stage seems to be Iloilo, as I am tired of living in a 'tourist' environment.  Looking for a quieter life but in an area that has all that we need in way of

Hi mogo51,

I created a new topic as from your post on the Iloilo forum. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to post them here. ;) Members will try to help.

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