Moving to Suzhou

Hello, I live in Beijing and I'm moving to Suzhou. I would like to find home In Taihu lake or near. And also what could you tell me about living there...thank you!😊

I never traveled to Beijing before, but Suzhou is a lot quieter than Shanghai. They have huuuuuge Auchan hypermart. Any specific things you want to know? I try my best to answer.

Hello, I been following the pollution and I'm worried. In Beijing the pollution is very hight but not every Suzhou is every day polluted. My worries is because I will be mam in Suzhou and I don't want to be every day at home because pollution... Also thinking about life for a child.... I want to know the pollution is like that always.. I like shanghai is more international than Beijing.. When my husband told me  to there I was very exited.. Then I started to follow pollution and I don't what to think..

i just moved here about 20days ago

In moving the next week! Any advise?

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