Where to find comfortable bedding?

I know we haven't been here long, but are beds are SO hard and uncomfortable. Does anyone else have this problem? If so, is there a solution? Is there anywhere we can get comfortable bedding?

We are here for at least three months, and so far haven't really managed to sleep!

Just go and buy a softer mattress, many shops sell them, offline and online. If you buy it in a shopping mall it might be more expensive then if you buy one on Taobao.

Chinese for mattress is: 床垫  chuang dian . If you don't speak Chinese, you can print this and show it arround:

在那里可以买床垫? (where can I buy a mattress?) 
我要很软的床垫 ( I want a soft mattress ).

Hope this helps.

If you are allergic you can consider a natural latex mattress from Thailand. I like it, but it's not cheap, that's why I finally didn't buy one.  A friend of mine is selling them, if you're interested i'll give you the contact.

Hi Nicocord!

Thanks for your thoughtful email. In the meantime I've just found out that Ikea is now open in Suzhou, so will be heading there for all of our furniture needs!

Best wishes

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