Where can buy secondhand bicycle in Phuket

Dose anyone know a good secondhand bike shop in Phuket I have found a few bike shops but non sell secondhand bikes and all have high spec new bike above my needs or budget.
Am looking for mountain or touring bike.
Am sure they must be a good shop somewhere in Phuket with a decent selection of bikes for sale.
Thanks for your help.

Around Talang area  part police station near 7 eleven

Thanks Wankana will have a look tomorrow.

Hi I realize this post is old, but Im curious if you found a second-hand bicycle or would have any suggestions of places I should look? Thank you in living in Cherngtalay Phuket

Hello is this area still selling secondhand bicycles? Thank you

Yes I too am very interested. I will be living in Laguna area as of next week.

I ended up renting one for 3000 baht

Fabulous thank you may I know where from?

Bike works! The owner was wonderful! I got a helmet, lock and lights too!

Again thank you so very much. One thing I can tick off the list before I move from Hong Kong next week.

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