Expat in gurgaon: salary/nightlife/safety

Hi All,
i'll be traveling to Gurgaon for one year fixed term contract on December 2015 and I have a few questions if you could help me please:
1) i'll be getting 900 USD/month is that enough to live a comfortable life in india (apartment's rent on the company) I want to explore every city in the weekend
2) is there any nice bars, night clubs, music festivals there?
3) is it safe to drive alone? or go out late at night with friends

thank you

Hello wafa mahbouli and welcome on board Expat.com

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yes the money you are getting is fine if the house rent is payed by company . and ofcourse gurgaon has a lot of bars pubs to hangout on weekends but i would suggest you not to party late night alone. with friends it will be fun . enjoy :)

thank you for your reply
do you have any suggestion for a nice bar or lounge?

Hey! Just avoid going to any cheap bars even if u r with friends..  Go to the expensive ones. Search them on yomato.com

1. Need a driver. Don't drive. Driver costs $ 150/mo
2. Delhi is unsafe. Punjabis and Jats are barbaric
3. There is not much to do except the 5srar hotel culture, lot of page tart. Restaurants are mediocre and $$$ 
4. $900/mo is ok without rent.
5. Can aught place has couple of places. United Coffee House has old charm.
This if from one who grew up in Delhi. It used to be nice. Started sliding after 1980. Sub way is good.

I live in Gurgaon, if it's over 50,000 then you will have plenty of money to be comfortable.

Night life is good at Cyberhub and Ambience Mall while there are other places dotted around the city like Sohna Road.

hi  900 us dollor  is a good salary for gurgaon any how as experience u work in gurgaon is it safe inindia  dont believe  roumours tell me whts yr profile and back ground did u get job already if intresed pl reply  im in s india chenna metro city  rajesh

Money is okay if u have accommodation. It's not safe to be alone at night cuz u may have to deal with lots of trouble people. Night life .. hmm .. if u drink or party that's only  for weekend. Rest of the week it's slow. Gurgoan is nice to live u can find everything there.
Have fun.  ..
Places to visit . CyberHub .Galleria market "my favourite " ,sector 27 market. Kingdom of dreams.
Hope to be back  there soon

Hi Wafa

1. 900 USD is ok without rent.
2. Lots of bars and clubs in Gurgaon / Delhi; not sure of regular music festivals per se. Also lots of archeological and historical places in Delhi for day tours and many places (around 200-300 km distance) can be explored in 2-3 days visit!
3. Driving alone or with friends / late nights are ok.

However a strong word of caution, please use your judgment in any situation. Even though I am from India, moving to a different state is a new experience in itself. I feel that its better to observe things around you before delving headfirst!

All the best!

hi wafa,welcome ,i have worked with many foreigners at gurgaon for many years [Moderated],only travel at night with your trusted friends,do not travel alone at night,there are many places to visit,many shopping malls in gurgaon,you can also visit other places in india but only with your trusted friends,if you want any help pls call me.anil

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Hello guys!
I'm going tovisit New Delhi in March/ April and wondering how much is rent for room there?For examp;e how much I need for month? ( without bars, clubs etc)
Thank you

Delhi, Gurgaon and NCR are the rape capitals of India.
Read about India's daughter story online. You will get to know the truth.
You can't trust anyone in Delhi, Gurgaon or NCR even if you know them closely for a very long time.
People are morbid there, especially the Hindi, UP, Punjabi and Haryanvi locals. You will always have to be careful to avoid being cheated or taken for a ride by locals.

Is it sooo bad????

100% most of them agrees your comment... :(
It is also very difficult to handle them.

Women are raped in broad daylight there in crowded areas. Not just at night times in isolated areas.

It is the worst place in India and one of the worst in the world to live for a woman.

Nobody cares for women's modesty there bcoz of the patriarchal society and culture of Hindis and North Indians.

It is common for Hindi politicians to issue public statements blaming rape victims for dressing immodestly.

You can check the news for Mulayam Singh Yadav's, a prominent Hindi politician's comments on rapists and rapes that happened in Delhi and NCR. Google and read about the rapes of foreign women in Delhi and NCR by Hindi locals.

Hindi and North Indian men are like hungry wolves waiting for foreign women to rape them.
Another reason is Hindi women support their men who commit such heinous acts due to the patriarchal structure.

That's why most foreign women find it difficult to move around during the day or night in Delhi or NCR.

The highest incidence of female foeticide and infanticide is also in North India, in Delhi, NCR, Haryana, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh and Rajasthan.

All these statistics are available online for the general public.

In short, you would be stepping into an area where you would live in fear 24/7 just bcoz you're a woman.

https://youtu.be/t7u728ovoD0  https://youtu.be/WOshXtQBK7w

Hello, how is your life in Gurgaon as of now? Do you find it safe? I have a job offer in Gurgaon but not sure if it is a safe place to live. I have never been to India before.

@Nash1984 31 January 2016 08:12:33 Report #17

The information you provided really discourages me from accepting the job in Gurgaon. Does anyone has positive experience living there at all?

your salary seems to be ok, you can explore a lot of cities but i would recommend you to go with friends because you might get lost. There are a lot bars close to gurgaon.

Hi Wafa,
900USD is pretty good money for staying in Gurgaon, the average family earning is around 500USD for most of the people
Night life is great in Delhi and it has most of the rich people of India living there.  However be very careful to travel during night time alone, it very unsafe and has the highest number of crimes against woman in India.
I won't say expensive bar are saffer than the non expensive ones because, expensive bars are mostly attended by childern of highly influencial people and thus the crimes commited never come out in the public

During your stay don't miss to visit TajMahal

If you ever plan to come to Hyderabad city, PM me I can guide you.

I wish you enjoy your stay in India


900USD is pretty good money for staying in Gurgaon, the average family earning is around 500USD for most of the people
Night life is great in Delhi and it has most of the rich people of India living there.  HAVE  A GOOD DAY

Yes, Delhi, India in general, isn't a good place in terms of safety for women but it isn't that bad!! Speaking as a foreigner who has lived here for almost 4 years! Statistics are scary, they are.. but from my experience, Delhi, Delhi NCR crime rates aren't any different from major cities in other places in the world.
From my experience,  this is what a foreigner lady has to do to assume some degree of safety:
1) Choose a good place to stay, preferably a housing society with 24hr power back up and security. It's costly but worth the piece of mind.
2) Watch your company, especially when it comes to the locals. Judge their intentions and actions before you let them anywhere near your personal space/ life.
3) Get a few friends to hang out with and travel with. Moving in a group is always better.
4) If you work with a company,  the company will have some drivers.  Those are usually trustworthy.  If not, try the cab companies.. uber and Ola are pretty good  (in my opinion).
It really isn't that bad.

Hi, well, i will have to say that nope, 900 is definitely not enough, the rent is anywhere between 10000 for shared accommodation to 20000 , and transportation is difficult, unless you have your own car and hire a driver  which you will get in approx 10000 per month . I'd strongly suggest you renegotiate your contract.

GOOD NEWS FOR GURGAON RESIDENTS: Haryana government (which has jurisdiction over Gurgaon) has recently approved a new taxi scheme for the NCR (i.e. Gurgaon, Delhi, Noida) and several cities/towns in Haryana. This new taxi proposal comes with a number of safety features like GPS, Hooter, Display of women helpline and police helpline numbers as well as the fare structure, licencee's name along both sides of the taxi, a panic button etc.  Taxis running under this scheme should prove far safer for women than the currently unapproved app-based taxis plying in the NCR.

Hi!! 900$ is not that much,if you want to explore every nearby city but you can live comfortably.
Gurgaon is famous for its nightlife and the place is filled with expats.You will not be disappointed.
It is safe out here,otherwise anything can happen with anyone in any part of the world.
With your salary you can easily visit some near by really famous places like taj mahal in agra or jaipur,etc.
I hope the answer helped!

Hi, are you still in gurgaon ?
Did you get your answers, I am moving to gurgaon in a few days (from dubai)

If you need any assistance pls reply me,i have worked as personal assistant to many foreigners for many years at gurgaon


Dear Nash1984,
I'm glad that you have been a part of our Indian society since long but my friend the horrible face of Indian society you depicted above is not true. Everyone & every place in India or in Delhi is not the same. We have numerous of good & educated people here. Who actually respect women & help them in every possible ways. I can understand & accept that in some rural areas crime rate may be high because of those Jat, Punjabi & Gujjars but none of the cities in the world is completely free of crime & criminals. The Delhi Police is also very strict & vigilant about women's safety & security. We've several women safety hotline numbers you can take assistance from any time & anywhere. So please try to draw an actual image of India.
Whenever you need any assistance in Delhi, just let me know.


Why so many bad reputations about Delhi?
I'm an expat stayed and worked long time in Delhi, Noida and UP - highest criminal area in India but still I have no troubles with local person, traffic or any things although I had awkward beginning. I love India and always keep positive image about it. Why you guys are so negative about rumours?
Every places are worth to be explored, keep a hungry heart to go your way. Hope you will love India as I do dear.
P/s: $900 is quite enough for all monthly expenses.
- $200 for accomodation and food in a sharing PG (they usually offer breakfast & dinner)
- $100 for transportation if you stay near office
- $200 for other expenses
- $400 for your adventure.

A budget hotel will cost you around 1500 INR per room per night

I think it is zomato.com

I agree with Juliana because our safety lies in our hands.
Moreover the best tip is Behave like the residents of that place and be bold.

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