Can my family and I live on 417,000 rupees per month in Gurgaon

Hello everyone,

Please advise if my family (2 adults and 1 child) will be able to live on 417,000 rupees per month in Gurgaon. This to include:

School fees for inception (4 years old) at a international private school
3 bedroom apartment or villa (furnished or unfurnished) in a well-known expat area near to city center
Utilities (electricity, water, internet)

Any advise on this or any other general expenses I may have left out would be most appreciated

Thank you

You can though maybe a little tight if you like splurging ...Contact me if you need help..Though the difficult part would be getting admissions in a good private International school

break up

School fees for inception (4 years old) at a international private school...maximum 50,000 per month
3 bedroom apartment or villa (furnished or unfurnished) in a well-known expat area near to city center ...100,000 MAX
Groceries ...50,000 Max
Utilities (electricity, water, internet) 50,000 Max
Driver 20,000
Patying + Misc  50000
Maid 15000

Balance 80-90,000 you can give to charity or holidays or savings share with a village I have adopted for free advice :-)

Thank you for your prompt response. Finding this type of information can be quite difficult to find on the internet but you have managed to break it down simply.

Hello rhiggins

This amount will be largely sufficient for a great living in New Delhi (luxury type)!

Check out our forum section : Cost of living in New Delhi to compare cost of living there

You may also check out this link : … city=Delhi

Kenjee Team

Mr. Higgins. Trust me when I say this, your salary is enough to get you a life of luxury in Delhi/Gurgaon. That salary is just a tad less than what top executives receive in good law firms/banks/companies. An average Delhiite earns something like 30-40k a month and does well with that money but when you earn more, your lifestyle automatically becomes expensive I guess. Frankly, I do not agree with the break up given above.

accommodation-you should not pay more than 65-70k per month in gurgaon (which gives you a lavish furnished flat with minimum 3 bedrooms in a very good apartment complex with lots of facilities including gyms, swimming pools, security etc.) If you pay more, I would suggest you need to get a better broker.

schooling- i agree with 50k if you want a really good international school but competition is fierce and getting admissions is very tough. I would suggest you utilize some connections if you have one.

groceries- no more than 10-15k a month for a family of 3 ..50k??seriously?? how much will you eat man?haha

utilities-will be more during summer for use of AC..but trust me nowhere close to 50k..i live in a 3bhk and have 3 AC and during the peak summer months also my bill doesn't go beyond 10-12k. normally it should stay around 5k or less.

maid-10-15k depending on full time/part time and amount of work etc..if somebody more, let them go , there is no dearth of labour force in India

driver-15k (why dont you practise and drive yourself and save this cost). but learn how to use swear and hurl abuses in hindi first coz you gotta swear on a daily basis if you are driving.

rest is upto you..if you wANT TO eat out/party at expensive places you can easily become very extravagant with money..but there are tons of places where you can peacefully enjoy your beer at very cheap prices.

ok, so thats it Mr. Higgins. Hope this is helpful.

At that cost you can add another family and still would be enough for taking care of all including accomodation and all allied expenses.

The only suggestion I would give is that you should opt for a place of residence which is nearer to your office. One third of your problems would be taken care if you select the right place.

Best regards

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Thanks this has been real helpful. Really don't know what to expect but you have given me great info. Are there any other expenses you think may be of issue?

Insurance and mediclaim  for ur family but I think your employment covers that.

What is the average cost of medical insurance per month for an adult and child?

For 3people it is 23.000rs .. I just got some my self. And tbat up to 10 lak cover.each person.


Yes , 417000 INR are more then enough for Gurgaon accomodation.

I in Delhi NCR and working Gurgaon.

In case of any help required please do let me know .
You can reach me at lalitcool[at]

For sure its enough . and you can check everything online.There are a lot of websites where you can get information about rent, fee and so on everything is available.

Thanks. Would you be so kind as to give me some websites that discuss further. You know fees/ what's available and so forth for expats.

Hello rhiggins

Concerning fees of rentals, you may check out rental proposals in our Housing in New Delhi section to get to know the prices.

Please browse through threads in our Cost of Living in New Delhi section to gather some infos

Kenjee Team

yes it is a good amount to lead a quality life.
Rs 20000 for food per month
RS 20000-30000 per month rent may be higher depending on your choice
For school it is Rs 100000 per annum so no problems for you.
Electricity water internet entertainment around 12000 per month

Yes, and You will have lavish and luxurious life.

Yes. Very Confortably....

Thanks everyone for your responses

Hi! You should listen to fellow expats and not to locals that believe they know an expat life. Pls, i make no offence  meant. I'm just saying that an expat life is way too different than that of a local.

Im an expat for 10 yrs here so i know how to be in india.

I'm single. No children and no one i support to. Mu house a modest 2 bed in an expat place is around 80K. Note you are paying for your child's education.

The breakdown of "getholidays" is the best for you.

You can surely live an ok life here and considered "luxurious" for locals but you cannot save that much for that income.

Good luck!

Thanks Nxpat,

I will certainly do more research on cost and living.

You may have to consider a car and driver

Some of the prices mentioned here are ridiculous. Pre school inception school 50,000 per month? Really? And groceries and food 50,000? UGH!!!

Here's the break-up.
1. You should be able to get a 3 BHK house in South Delhi or Gurgaon in a nice area between 50,000 - 100,000. Depends on the amenities and if it is furnished or not. If you are staying in Gurgaon please do stay in a gated community or apartment complex. It's pretty unsafe. South Delhi should be fine. If you are working in Gurgaon the key areas to look for in South Delhi are - Green Park, Safdarjung Enclave, Gulmohar Park, Panchsheel Park, Sarvodaya Enclave.

2. You should be able to find International schools in the range of Rs.100,000- 300,000 per annum. Remember that education standards in India are pretty good and your child should be okay studying in schools affiliated to IB. Not necessary that you should join her to British School or American school full of children from embassies. I guess a good local international school which has a mixed , diverse student pool would be an add on to a child to get a holistic learning experience.

3. Groceries - maximum Rs.20,000 - 25,000 (less if you are vegetarian).

4. Utilities - Electricity, water, housing society charges etc - Max - 20,000 (electricity depends on consumption of course. summers are hot and the bills may be slightly more)

5. A full time (live-in) maid would come for 15,000 per month and part-time for about Rs. 7,000-8,000 maximum. This involves cooking, cleaning, minor shopping for house, dusting, ironing clothes etc.

6. If you choose to live in South Delhi for better social life and schools, you may require a driver to drive  you to your work place. A driver comes for around Rs.10,000 - 14,000 rupees per month maximum. Check if your company provides you transportation. This should be sorted out if it does.

Remember, everything I have mentioned is on a higher side. There are comfortable less expensive options available in  India. I live with my flatmate who is an American and we are doing fine with half of what I have mentioned above very comfortably. It all depends on if you want luxury splurging or living comfortably and saving up.

Don't listen GeTSHolidays ,he doesn't know anything about India. @GeTSHolidays: Don't give wrong information if you don't know about the country.

Rs 417,000(4 lacs 17 thousand Indian rupees) is more than enough. Your approx  expenses will be below

House rent : Rs 30000-45000 (2 bhk in decent apartment )
School:       : 200000 (per annum)
Grocery      : 20000  (per month)
Utilities (electricity, water, internet):  7000 (per month)
Car emi (suv)  :                                 20000 (per month with no down payment but you have to pay 20% down payment)
other expenses :  20000

Your total expenses will be hardly Rs 100000 , remaining you can save.
Is 417,000 in hand salary or CTC?

Yes you can live. here is the breakup:
INR 50,000 per month for 3 BHK fully furnished apartment.(3 Bed room, 1 dining room, 1 kitchin, 2 bathroom etc
INR 10k to 15k per month for school fee.
INR 10 to 15k for electricity bill per month.
INR 10k to 25k per month for food
INR 10k to 20 k per month for full time made

Wow, thanks again

U can live a luxurious life with that amount. But it also depends on how much u want to save every month. U dont want to spend alll that money in india i guess.

First and foremost, the salary of 4,00,000 or more is equivalent to a cushy life anywhere in most big Indian metros for a family of 5(husband, wife, 3 kids).
The filipino commenting earlier has got no clue about what he is talking. Even my white expat friends would say that 400000 Rs is an awesome lifestyle buyer in India.
And that includes most of your expenses. What you purchase though additionally like furniture and other household accessories would cost you extra.
Enjoy your stay here!

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