Cost of living in India – 2015

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We invite you to talk about the cost of living in India in 2015, with an updated price listing.

Don't forget to mention in which city of India you are living in.

How much does it cost to live in India?

> accommodation prices

> public transportation fares (tube, bus etc.)

> food prices (your monthly budget)

> health prices (for those who need medical insurance)

> education prices (if you need to pay)

> energy prices (oil, electricity)

> common bills (Internet, television, telephone, mobile phone)

> price for a good menu in a traditional restaurant

> price for a coffee or a drink

> price for cinema tickets

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All  cost depend  level  of living.
food  : 100 To 1000,,,,,,
room : 1000 To 10000
etc. etc.

I live in Jaipur. 18k to 20k is enough* for an individaul for everything* (accommodation price+public transport fare+foid price+energy price+common bills etc.)
But according to me living cost can vary from individual's needs
Thank you

I live in Gurgaon. I'm living in a bit of an atypical situation in that I'm a SAHM of an Indian husband, but certainly anyone wanting to live more "authentically" could live like us, though most expats live well beyond my means

> accommodation prices: I'm in "builder flats" and we're paying 13,500 rupees a month for an 1100 sq ft 2 bd, 2 bath, 2 balcony place in a family oriented neighborhood with guards and little parks, but not really a "gated" community. That was the 2014 rate; we're about to renew our lease and it'll go up to 14,850.; Last year before our baby we

> public transportation fares: we don't have a car. An autorickshaw ride costs you 40-150 depending on the distance (150 the other side of Gurgaon), if you want to go to Delhi we'll either take take the metro (200 rupees probably) or take a taxi (300 to 800 rupees) depending on our needs. I also take a cycle rickshaw for local distances (like a kilometre) for like 30-50 rupees. Depending on how often you get out obviously you could add up these to a different amount each month, but probably we roughly budget 500 a typical month for these (we only get a taxi for trips to the airport or embassy.)

> food prices: I'd say generally 10,000 rupees. That's with ordering in probably about once a week to twice a month.

> health prices: can't really help you as I'm covered under my husband's. I will say though that for regular doctor's visits here Indian insurance doesn't pay, so we pay that out of pocket and it's about 50 rupees for a GP out of the hospital (like when I had allergy issues), 500 for out of the hospital specialist (like a gynecologist), about 500-700 for seeing a regular doctor in the hospital and about 1000 plus to see a specialist in the hospital. (Hint: if your insurance doesn't cover just regular visits, you might use a trusted hospital to find your doctor, but then ask them if they have an office elsewhere. Many do, and charge less at their private offices due to less overhead.)

> education prices: N/A, my daughter is an infant.

> energy prices: on the cheapest months of the year (spring/autumny temperatures) we pay about 2500 a month in electricity, maybe 1500 in a really good month. In summer we went up to 6500 last year with a newborn, from running the AC constantly, and 4000 in the winter with running the heat a lot. So an average budget of 3000 is about right for my apartment: in the towers though they bill differently and obviously this will vary based on how many cooling or heating devices you have hooked up to a system. In complexes you usually have to pay for power back up; we have our own invertor living in the builder flats (private power back up) which I think costs us about 7000 to buy?
You also have to pay for your gas for your stove. You get tanks. I think it's like 900 a full tank? It lasts several months, but you have to prepared for when it goes out.

> common bills: I pay about 300 a month for my phone bill, I think my husband pays 500 or so for some additional features. We have unlimited texting and talk, but limited data as we have wifi at home. We pay 3650 for our internet as we like to have a very fast connection; you certainly can pay less, we prioritize this. All this is from airtel.

> price for a good menu in a traditional restaurant: A "reasonable" menu for a nicer place to me has some entrees at the low end (below 300) and probably a few at the high end (800 plus) but not much more than that. More than that and I wouldn't go there because there's plenty, plenty of places that have good food in that range. One of the awesome things about living in India is also the ability to order in from almost any restaurant (and most grocery stores). Some websites to remember are foodpanda, tastykhana, and peppertap. Dominos India also has by far the best website for ordering I've seen; I'm not saying it's great food but it is very personalizable (like you can sub out of toppings and such) they deliver within a half hour (most other places are 45 min to an 1 hr) and they've pretty much never messed it up for us (where as I'd say it's probably 60% likely if we order from another restaurant there'll be something unexpected. lol.)
For all these places, you can pretty much always find a discount coupon code if you look, so we pretty much never pay full price (for take out.)

> price for a coffee or a drink: 100-200 rupees probably.

> price for cinema tickets: 200- 1200 rupees depending on date, theater location, timing, class of seat.

New Delhi: Below are estimates. Not accurate, but within range.
location plays an important role.

service apartment = Rs.15000 per month ( furnished single room )
paying guest house (PG)( Rs.10000 ). you are entitled to just a room + toilet. No kitchen, but food is supplied.
Single room = Rs.4000
1 bedroom unfurnished apartment = Rs.7000
2 bedroom unfurnished apartment = Rs.9000
3 bedroom flat is Rs.12000.
Furnished rooms, may attract additional Ra.3000 more.
Guest house = Rs.800 per night ( low end )
Hotel = Rs.1500 ( low end )
Electricity bill = Rs.300 ( very low end), Rs.4000 ( medium) includes moderate use of A.C, fridge,  microwave, heater, toaster, etc
Cable Tv = English package + sports + Ent., news, movies, music |( full pack|) == Rs.500 for SD decoder, Rs.650 to Rs700 for FHD box.
internet broadband = Rs.700 ( low plans) i.e 20GB plus volume, 1.0 / 2,0Mbps speed. 1st time Set up = Rs.1500

Club = Rs.500 ( low end ), A can drink  = Rs.500
tomotoes = Rs. 30 to 40 1 kg
onions 1kg = Rs.10 to 20
okro = Rs.40 1kg ( highly voluminous tho )
Virgin oil for cooking  = Rs.400 to 600 for 1kg bottle
foreign spaghetti = Rs.90
foreign short cake = Rs.150
coconut = Rs.40
1kg of refined packed milk = Rs.67


Auto Cab = Rs.25 ( is a zero price range. A default starting cost). Additional km attracts around Rs.10 .
Buses = Rs.10 to Rs.15 for more than 8km
Taxi ( car / bus) = Rs.25 per km. on hire, you are entitled to 4hrs from the starting point back to starting point.  i.e from your home back to home. if there are hold ups, then not yr lucky day. additional time attracts fine.

Metro = very cheap. more than 30km, may only cost around Rs.25
1kg of chicken = Rs 180
1 crate of Egg = 240
1kg of cooking gas = Rs80. ( it fluctuates )
1kg of Rice = Rs 35. some are below n above.
Traditional meal = Rs.200 to Rs.500

cinema ticket = Rs.400 ( low end)
a cup of a simple coffee = Rs.170. anything extra = Rs.200 plus
mobile network recharge = Rs.250 t0 Rs.300 full talk time.
international call = Rs.14 to Rs.16 on airtel, vodafone ( right out of the box without any plan!. )

In short living in India specially in Mumbai is VERY VERY EXPENSIVE.

I am a Canadian lady married to an Indian husband. We live in Mumbai. Mumbai rents are very expensive. We have no children and needed just a one bedroom apartment. The areas considered most expat friendly very high priced. There is also a hefty deposit to pay 1 to 2 Lacs with a broker's fee of one month's rent. 5000.00 USD. If you get unfurnished setting up house will cost 2000 to 3000. The furnishings are cheaper but everything does add up.
   We were danced around by brokers in south Mumbai.Both brokers and owners will look to get top dollar for tiny places. They place ads in online and shrug off the upped prices, saying the advertised places are "Indian" prices. We began to think out of the box a bit. We did get a paying guest place and got out of the hotel living. We did find an individual(NRI) landlord who was wise enough enough to recognize we make ideal tenants for a number of reasons. We pay 400 USD for a beautiful completely redone 600 plus sq foot apartment in Chembur and are quite happy here.
   We have a maid who comes in daily to wash clothes, sweep floor and mop them. 30 dollars a month. A cook who cooks a few basic for 10 dollars a month. I think the costs for those would also be much higher in the "expat friendly" areas. Note we have had NO ISSUE on acceptance and friendliness where we live.
    Eating out is about half price of Canada. Our 3 month gas bill came in at 5 dollars. I work online so we use internet heavily here. That is 20 to 25 dollars a month. Food prices are cheaper then not cheaper. We eat more continental food then Indian food so some of the imported food needed can up grocery bill.
   Clothing can be much cheaper or more expensive depending on where and what you buy. I found cotton is the best to wear here. My husband is Indian so he does most of the shopping without me there. Some shops and stalls have gone fixed price and some will add a foreigner surcharge to prices.
    Taxis and rickshaw costs again about half. Mumbai is known as a city of contrasts and this also is reflected in cost of living. It can be quite inexpensive or very expensive. Advice is bring lots of money to begin with to get settled.

Im interested to know the costs of living in Bangalore, because I want to move to there.  Is here someone who can help?
Thanks to all for your participation :)

Hola Isismocbed...como Mohit de Bangalore...1 Bhk flat cost around Rs 10000 p.m.and food,travel,entertainment will cost 10000. so total cost would be Rs 20000..(per month)..if you are expert in saving money then you can manage in Rs can mail me - mohitkrazy[at] case you need more help... hasta luego

I lived in Hyderabad, India for few years. Trust me, it all depends on how you want to live. Living with colleagues/friends can be slightly cheaper as they share the house rent. Most of the time, I stayed with my friends and believe me, I never spent more than 9000 INR including food, transport (bike - petrol), rent and occasional movies (2 per month).

If you are planning to stay alone and in a 1 bhk, the rent can be around 7k - 13k INR

7k - normal
10k - you will get good houses
13k - I have never seen a 1bhk at such high price.

PS: My friends say that I am the one who spends the least for a living (few say its great, and few hate). I know few of my friends who spent their whole salary (17000 INR - 30000 INR) just to live life, not to mention they stay along with me in my house and share the house rent. So, I hope you understand that it depends on how you eat, spend money that makes up the whole picture.

If you still have doubts, you can pm me.

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