FootBall in bahrain (Soccer)


I'm here in bahrain for a while(one Month) ,and I want to play football (with a amateur team or just people) is there any way to join a amateur team or if there's places where people just play .


Hi iaskari.
Welcome to Bahrain.

I see you live in Juffair. The "Manama Club" is in Juffair. Walk in and join them when they play. If you like it, maybe you can join as a member too.

You can also try to join local football matches played by weekend athletes on the sand pitches. Visit them a few times, and then ask them. I am sure they will be happy to let you join.

Another option is to join a place like the Rugby Club. There are regular sport activities, at professional level as well as social/amateur level.


Rugby club doesn't have any soccer for adults... only kids. In fact, unless you like rugby or Aussie Rules, and you're a guy, you can pretty much forget the Rugby Club for sport.

Dilmun Club has five a side football for men on a Weds eve from 7:30... IF they get the numbers due to the weather currently.

For now, you will have to stick to indoor football as the weather is rather humid and it will remain like this untill the end of the the month. However, once it starts cooling down, there are individuals who play on sand pitches as mentioned by Farhaz.

I remember on this Forum there was a group that was formed and they used to meet and have matches. Im not sure if it still runs. May be worth checking out the Bahrain section of this site.

Good Luck  :cool:

heh... the real men still play outdoors :cool:

heh... the real men still play outdoors :cool:

In this heat, no thanks. Othwerwise you will get roasted & toasted out there in this sun.  :P

When it cools down, maybe.  :cool:

Hi Guys,

I'm french and i looking for the team soccer very well in Bahrain.




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There’s an app called malaeb where you can join any game that need people to play.
The app also help to Book football fields

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