Is 5500 - 6000 RMB enough?

Hello i have a job offer in Suzhou, most likely in SND they offered me 5500 - 6000 RMB , is this salary doable? i am coming alone and everything is paid for, not sure about utility bills i need to ask landlord when i get there even so utility bills is around 300 - 1,000 RMB?

I can eat street food and make home cooked meals and live OK but i would like to go out on a weekly basis and eat out at restaurants once a week and maybe fit in a activity weekly...e.g tourist spot or going cinemas, will i be able to save or will it be tight and barely make the end of the month

Thanks!  :D

Hello wiz25 and welcome on board

I invite you to check out these threads in our section Cost of living in Suzhou


hi, welcome to Suzhou. I think should be ok... the expenses not that high, if u can buy from online. eg: buy movie ticket through online only cost 33CNY, it's more cheaper. hope u have fun in Suzhou :)

5500~6000RMB for one people is enough, but as Paulusjay said, it will not be luxury.

I like playing basketball, also i live in Mudu Town which close to SND. We can paly together if you like basketball too.

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