Is 11000 RMB enough to live in Suzhou ?

Hi, I am new here, I may be moving to china for work, to Suzhou exactly, I have no idea what is the cost of living there. Would 11000 RMB  (before tax) be enough for only one person, I don't need luxury stuff, 30-40 square meters would be way enough for me :)

Thanks in advance :)

It sounds like you might be working for Longwin. I worked and lived in Suzhou last year making 11,000RMB and I did it. You can do it. I paid 3,000RMB/mo for a nice apartment.

Let me know if anyone can assist me?

HI ! nop, not the same company but same amount of money haha

Hi! welcome to suzhou & nice to meet you :)
i think should be enough ~
I m living in suzhou around 4 yrs, so if u need help just msg me here!

it depends. i can tell you most native people may make 4000-5000rmb or maybe 3000rmb round but they can also live well in Suzhou. like they know how and where to buy cheap and right things. also where to rent a nice house. if you have some native friends can help you would be great

3000RMB will be a good normal apartment (2 bed rooms, one big, one small) if you choose the East area of Jinji Lake. You can choose one apartment which near metro station, less than 15 minutes by walk is ok i think.

So you will have enough money for your meal and watch movie sometimes, also 1 time per week for the bar is ok too.

You can save some money if you live like this. Haha!

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