Things to do in Dhaka during the weekends


What do you usually do on your weekends in Dhaka?

Are there any places to visit, any activities, any events or festivals regularly organized you would like to recommend?

What are your top tips for the weekend in Dhaka?

Thank you in advance for sharing your experience, ;)


Usually we love to spend our weekend with our family and friends. We love to hangout, visiting our preferable place. Beside this we have our own heritage and history. In Dhaka you will found some historical place. you can visit our museums, fort, palace, etc  Do you wanna see those? Knock me.

Hi Christine, on weekends in Dhaka, you can socialize, enjoy sports activities, play board games and such like, make conversation and so on, at many of the International Clubs for Expats based on Bd., all are located within the GULSHAN and Baridhara Diplomatic zones. Most are affiliates of Embassies or High Commissions however there are a few International Clubs, that are an exception.

Eating out is a good option nowadays in many eateries offering different types of cuisines, in the above mentioned areas plus in Banani, Dhanmandi and Uttara, where standards and hygiene are prevailing.

Two good standard Cinema theatres exist, often showing the latest Hollywood blockbuster releases, the centres are Bashundhara mall opposite Sonargaon Hotel and Jamuna Mall very near Baridhara Diplomatic zone.

Another option is to book cottages out of the Greater Dhaka area in Jamuna resort and quite a few others (search out more localities and venues, through the Parjatan tourism authority).

Lastly Christine, if all the above doesn't appeal, then why don't you just drop by my home apt. 201, plot 17, rd. 59, GULSHAN 2 where a warm and cordial welcome is assured, civil conversation, best food and snacks, pool, board games, varieties of beverages and more. Home movies in a projected screen, an array of music etc etc.

Take care. Hope you find something to your liking. Yeah, it's not easy here, if the truth be told !


Honestly, I prefer to stay at home than. Every place is crowed and it made me so tired

To be honest,if we would like  to stay in capital everywhere in the world we should consider crowed!
off-course its depend on country,culture and  city too :)

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If you are still in Dhaka you must join Puran Dhaka Walks. It's one of e most important things to do in Dhaka. It's a walking tour about 3-4 hours through the narrow and historical streets of Puran Dhaka and exploring their history as well. It's all the ambassadors first choice and we are proud of our heritage walk.  You are welcome anytime. Just give me a reply or mail at- ***


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