Need help from Malaysian expats!!

Hi everyone,

I am a master degree student in Thailand and I have been working on my assignment regarding the experiences of Malaysian expats working in Thailand for a month or two.  I have already contacted a few members here in this forum directly and I am very thankful for their assistance. Currently, I need more contacts but I can't send the private message anymore, so I would like to ask any Malaysia expats here for your assistance.

Could you please leave me your e-mail or may be send your e-mail into my inbox so that I can contact you later. I would be thankful for your help.



Go to the Malaysian Embassy and they can connect you to the Malaysian chamber of commerce and Kelab Malaysia. There you can get lots of expats in Thailand instead of here.

Thank you for your guidance :) I need only one or two more contacts so I think I should not go and disturb the embassy but still, thank you for your help again

Dear Kwanny Tu,

You can contact me if you need to interview me for your Masters Thesis or research.
Let me know in reply and I will give you my contacts.


i would go to china and get a job--question why do you not want to back to Malaysia   to work--it should be easy to get a job there as most people there do not want to work--

It seems people want to do survey of expats working in Thailand through this blog. There are many expats are not member of this blog especially in multi national companies and public listed companies. Companies like bank; oil companies; airlines; tourism; international brands; insurance; hospital. The survey is
not accurate and complete. Thus the thesis is lop sided.

i am not concerned  about who works in thailand , could care less---my question is --why are you people here that are not working here? besides the Baby daddy ordeal--lets be honest--what are you running from?  Big Frank

Please read and digest my post. I'm referring to is the survey for thesis. Will the answers be accurate from the expats in this blog? There are lots of expats working in Thailand and not in this blog. As to your question, open a new thread as it's a different subject. Thanks

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