Shipping Goods from Guangzhou to Kampala ( Uganda)

Hello Friends,

Is there anyone who Knows a very good  shipping Company which is , Reliable , Affordable , Customer Oriented ,  licensed, insured and certified , and has a good shipping network for global operations ?

Currently am in the Northern part of China.
If anyone does , Please don't hesitate to email me ( janekisakye3@ ) 
Am looking forward for your help.

Thanks :)


Hi Tamara,

There are many shipping agent here in Guangzhou and is not expensive.

Best regards,

Hi  Kevin ,

Thanks for the reply .
Please can u give me  some contacts ?


Hello tamara, do you want normal shipping agent, or you want ship containers. i have some friends in Guangzhou or in Shanghai, they are nice agents/

Hi Tamara,
I will give your email to my agent friend ok? He may contact you later.
Wish your business goes smoothly.

Hi Kevin ,

How are you?
Please can you send me some of the contacts of shipping agents in Guangzhou.
Your help will be greatly appreciated .

Thanks!! :)

Regards ,


Hi Tamara,

I have give your email address to her whose name is Alice.
She will contact you later.
You know I can't post ad here.

Best regards,

Thanks Kevin.

I need to ship some hair to kenya too at affordable price ,can I also get the contacts please , my email is ***

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For hair, you should better send them by plane.
It's faster.


via what means

Hi James_ kiarie,

Can we know to whom are you asking this question please so that you could get the correct response.

Naomi :)


I have contacts in the Shipping business, what and how much are you trying to send?  Are you looking to do this via Air or Sea?


Hello Kevin. I really need to ship my Tv from china to Uganda. Please help me with the contact of Alice. Thank you

Any one with a trusted and affordable clearing company that can help me with shipping product from Guangzhou to Uganda(freight)

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