American girl looking for new friends in Vanuatu

Hello all Im an American from New Calendonia living in Vanuatu. Im looking for new friends. Water activities to do, hiking crafts, bible study, clubs for expats. I have no kids of my own but love children and pets and I am open to friendships with Mommies if you have the I know how busy you mommies can get. I love helping if your building something and need a hand Im your girl. Im just looking for friendship. So if anyone out there wants a friends or knows of any of these actives, I listed above to do let me know.

Thank you

Hello Cyrene

Glad to have you on board :D

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Kenjee Team

hello, my name is djounaid and want let more about you, interested in your profile , i'm the right peson you can trust with various ambitions. so what's your Phone Number?

Hello we can chat but I do not give my phone number out until I feel confident with the person. Sorry I hope you understand.

So let me ask you are you from a different country or are you from Vanuatu?

If you are from somewhere else what is it that has drawn you to Vantuatu? Are you male or female?

How long have you lived you like it here. Will you stay longer...what do you do for work?

Do you do sports...and if so do you do any here?

Ok I go now I wait your response.

Thank you  :D

My Name is George and I am a NI-Van. I would like to make friendship with you.

Hello guys,

I remind you that is not a dating website. Thank you.

Hey there, just thought ide message you as I'm moving to port vila in about 3 - 4 weeks and I will be by myself!! So would be good to meet new people, I'm an Aussie girl so if you ever wanted a drink or something yell out! I'm new to this forum so wouldn't have a clue if this posts to your topic or to an inbox haha

Try emailing ***
Really beautiful people who live in Mele

hi Cyrene,

i you still here?

How you finding living in Vanuatu?
Have you met many expats? 
Where do all the expats hang out?
Will be moving over later this year just trying to find a builder at the moment.

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