How to find a job in Mongolia

I am not an English teacher, but what I have seen of some of the English schools here, the only requirement needed is a pulse! Has your waitress attained any level of English? I do not work, but I am willing for to have conversational English with her for food and beverages only, and taxi from/to Nisora Tower, or a close friend offers English lessons any grade and will travel to the students home or workplace.
Suggest you send me a private message for contact details as the moderator gets shirty about leaving phone numbers ect.

Hi Robert,

I'm Andrew from Nigeria, I wanted to know if you already have enough English Teachers as you were hoping for. I have been teaching English here in UB with different age group experiences for about a year now. I am opened to any English Teaching job availability in Ulaanbaatar as I desire a change. Please let me know if you've got an opening.v

Does anyone knows if there is any Restaurant or Hotel in UB looking for a Waitress, Kitchen Assistant or an Assistant Chef? My friends are in need of jobs.

Thanks, Andrew.

Anyone with an idea of an English teaching opening in Mongolia

The private schools and language centers are almost always hiring and there are lots of opportunities for private tutoring during the summer. You have to make the effort to contact the schools.

Hi board,

I'm planning to open a restaurant (140 seats approx), behind Parliament building, starting from Sep, 2015 and looking for partners to combine your talent and your personality with my passion for new ideas. Lets be out of the box.       


North of the square is really empty, I considered opening a British pub in the road leading from the old natural history museum to Metro mall I am glad I did not bother.Other than a Friday check out Ceylonta given the number one place by Trip Advisor in UB, you will see what I mean. Unesco Street is the new up and coming area with Mexican, Cuban, French and the newly opened and so far the best Chinese in UB.

I think Seoul Street is probably the best for restaurants and variety actually, or Bag Toiruu. Parking on UNESCO is absolutely awful and it's incredibly limited for choices, especially since two of the restaurants you mentioned are run by the same chef and serve food that tastes the same. North of the Government House is great for pedestrian traffic and a central location. Just best to invest in a unique menu with quality standards and not be focused on trying to be yet another pub in a city full of mediocre pubs that go out of business within two years.

Hi I am from Nigeria,so much want to come and explore Mangolia,I have BA English lang and literatu and PGD in reproductive health.want to work and continue studies in Mangolia,need your assistance.thank you

      I'm from Nepal . I'm looking the job in mongolia. I'm really interesting to work in Mongolia. if any idea for working the job in mongolia please inform me. I want to work in hospitality sector like as restaurant or hotel.

Thank you
Asal Dong

Shangri-La, the new luxury hotel in UB is hiring for at least a dozen positions. They have a website and jobs posted on LinkedIn.

Hi I am Ujay from nigeria, please I want to ask for your help, if you have any useful information on how I can get an english teaching job in mongolia I am so interested and will be  happy to be moving to mongolia. Thank you so much

Hi everyone! I'm Ola from Poland. I've already been to Mongolia twice and I totally fell in love with this country :-) I dream of moving to Mongolia and that's why I'm looking for a job here. I am a geographer but I've been working as an English teacher for a couple of years. I enjoy working with children :-) If anybody is able to help me with making my dream come true or to give me any advice please contact me! Thank you and best regards from Poland!

You should probably contact schools directly about employment. I don't think there are any recruiters reading these posts.

Hi Ola, my gf and me are setting up a training center in UB, and I am also looking for a part time teacher right now. Let me know if you are interested. My email is *****

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Thank you for your reply and for the advice! :-) I will try for sure!

Dear moderators,

I've been trying to post a job offer in your jobs in Mongolia section, but that one seems not exactly user friendly. After going down the menu I did arrive at the section where I needed to be, but then couldn't open it.

Anyway, I am looking for part time teachers English, German, Korean.

Anybody interested please PM me.



Hello Robert

Follow this link below, Click on 'Post an Ad' green button to the top right to drop your advert. Thousands of users daily post theirs, I am sure you will find your way there.

Once you have clicked on the 'Post An Ad' choose the field where you wish to click, for your case, click on 'Language Teacher' under 'Teachings' field. 

A little 'Next Step' in black will appear just below it. Click on that and fill where appropriate Click Submit at the bottom of the page and you are done!

Best Regards

Seeking English language teaching opportunity in UB with ultimate intent to remain there forever and retire with my adopted family and help them raise their wonderful children.  Educational background includes a Master's degree in French and German teaching (my major was Foreign Languages, my minor English). Also spent 28 years in front-end hotel accounting and operations; and finally 12 years direct customer service work in 7-11
stores in the Denver metro area.

Robert,  see my new post seeking English teaching position in UB.  Thanks

I am currently seeking a teaching position in Ulaanbaatar.  I am TEFL certified and a native English speaker.  I have been teaching English since 2007.  If anyone is able to offer assistance or knows of any available positions I would greatly appreciate it.

Hi Leon,
Thanks for your contribution. Could you kindly let me know the availability of position for accountants in Mongolia and monthly salary, at professional level. Thank you

Hello Julia

Hope my email finds you well. Even though many years have gone since your post here on this site, I wonder if you are still interested in coming to Mongolia, but as a psychologist to run training sessions and even build up this type of a business in Ulaanbaatar! We have never developed this discipline at a professional level and I am seeing, we need it desperately.

WOuld be great to hear from you.

All the best,

Hello, please how are you doing? My name is Patience Asare from Ghana, I will be moving to Mongolia in a week's time, I would like to know if you can help me get a job. I will be glad to hear from you soon

Happy New Year! Are you in Mongolia now?

Yes please

Hello everyone,

I just came back to the USA after being in Asia most of last year.  I was in Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Mongolia, Laos, Japan, Taiwan, and the Philippines.   I came back renewed all my licenses and opened a bank in Delaware and Colorado. 

I am now looking to expand overseas and I already made an offer on a commercial property in the Capitol.  Anyone want to help me out and open a bank? 

Rojelio Sanchez

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