Move from Italy to USA, which city has good weather?

Hi !!! I live in Italy now but I am going to moving in USA. In Where city suggest you to move ? Big city ? I want find a good place near the cost. I prefer that  the weather is good all the year because I hate cold. My Boyfriend loves custom and he makes work with Airbrush. I want find a place where he can do it as work. Help me =) thank you  :)


I am from Switzerland originally, but live now for 26 years in the USA. I live in Seattle, have the whole time. My work lets me travel throughout America and Canada each week. If you don't like cold, then there you have to stay in the US in the southern regions. That would be about from North Carolina to Florida on the East Coast; Texas, but only the South along the cost (I personally like San Antonio very much);  Louisiana - New Orleans is a beautiful and lively city, but still heavily damaged from hurricane Katrina many years ago. Work will not be easy to find there either.  Then there would be California. The rest of the country gets pretty cold during the winter. To find work as an artist is not easy. To find work isn't easy in the States. It used to be the country of the 1000 opportunities, not any longer. There is a high unemployment rate, and unless you have already a good job, it will be very to extremely hard to find a job with a living wage. America is in turmoil at the moment, because some very small political groups try to raise the minimum wage to $15/hour and do not succeed, due to the severe power struggle with big business who does not want to raise the minimum wage, in fact, they are trying to lower salaries even further. People have to work 2 and 3 jobs just to pay for housing and food, there is no time for life any more. I assume, you have work already here in the States? Work that lets you live where you like? California is overrun with people. Housing has become extremely expensive, work almost none, the State itself is in a permanent state of bankruptcy. Only the southern part of California is warm. If you don't have already work that pays at least $20/hour or at least $60,000/year, which is not much in any case, but allows to work only one job, with a small margin for some fun and entertainment. In California $60,000 gets you hardly through due to the high housing costs.  The northern States are a little cheaper to live, they are less populated. Were you interested in making a life here or do you only want to stay for a few years as an experience? In any case, proceed with caution. America has changed drastically in the last 20 or so years. I myself, am preparing the leave the US for good, I will not return. Sorry to burst your bubble, (take the fun out) you asked.

I live  just outside San Francisco, weather is pretty warm in winter and hot in summer. Cost of living is not cheap here, but if you can support yourself here, then you can have a pretty good life.
I agree with juttasuhr, many people here do have to work two jobs to pay for housing, food to support themselves!!! Unless you have a really good trade or business!!!
The USA is no longer the country of milk and honey, however there are great opportunities for the right people to excel in what they plan to do....saying that I presume you have a  visa to live and work here...otherwise the immigration will want prove that you can support yourself or they will deny your application!!!
Wish you luck in your future plans 😀

Hi Charlotte,
There is a book called working and living in USA , which can be bought from Amazon, or maybe a free copy in your library.
This book has a lot of useful information, including websites on who to contact with regard to different jobs throughout the states. ( I'm sure you will  find a contact for Miami )
When I lived in Colorado, there were several British students who came out each year to stay on farms to help local farmers. In return they were given free lodgings and helped with their visas and they stayed about three months.. There are various jobs from teaching, sport, fruit pickers nannying that work on the same basis!!
Hope this information is of some help to you!!
Wish you all the best .☺

Hi Tookiediamond,

thank you for supporting my view on American in general. However I disagree with you that SF is warm. San Francisco is one of the coldest cities on the West Coast, including Seattle. It's warmer here then there. If you speak about the 'Hinterland' of San Francisco, that is warm, correct, but that is not on the coast. You need a coat even in the summer in SF, when the fog moves in twice daily it becomes even colder. Just recently someone posted on FB that the coldest winter he had was a summer in San Francisco. Very true !

Hi juttashr
I live in Sonoma about an hours drive away!  This year we had the driest winter. mornings were a bit chilly ,but from 11 o'clock we were in shorts til dusk!
San Francisco is a lot cooler  and the saying is very true. You need to cross over the bridge to get away from the fog and see the sun!!!
Where we are ,we are pretty lucky.  Coming from the UK, I'm used to cold damn mornings usually -6 degrees or lower, so seeing sunshine in winter and a temperature above 50 degrees is a bonus and is what we called mild!!
When I visited Switzerland a few years ago, I was wrapped up in several layers and that is what I call cold!! Despite  the cold  we had a good time, and a lovely country to visit!!
Are you going back home?

Hi Tookiediamond,

you make me laugh. During the winter Switzerland gets cold, no doubt about it. But it's a dry cold and doesn't bother as much as wet cold. I have been skiing in a t-shirt and was warm. Depends really. Sonoma County, beautiful place, yes, you got lucky. What brought you there?

No, I will only visit relatives and friends in Switzerland and Germany for a couple of month, but then probably move to Southeast Asia to stay. I like the warm too, but the USA is no longer a place I want to be.  I got a good job, and may be able to transfer with my employer to Southeast Asia as they just bought a company there. We'll see how all pans out.

What are you doing in Sonoma beautiful country?


Hi jutta,
Strange as it seems, we have just returned back to the USA!
My husband's  family are here , so we have come over to join them.
My husband couldn't cope with the cold damp weather in the UK and the long working hours so make a long story short, we sold up and ended up here!!
We used to live in Colorado springs and I loved the different seasons! We had plenty of snow, but the sun was always shining!! The world feels a better place when the sun shines!! We may return there one day!!
Yea we are lucky to be here in Sonoma. I couldn't live back home where we were. Summer was great if you saw the sun. Winters were about fifty shades of grey, it was the only colour we saw from November through April!!!
I have to day I have noticed a big change  in the economy, since I have returned back to the states and it has opened our eyes to what our future looks like! I think when we are ready to start collecting our pensions , I think we think about moving on again, though I'm not sure where that will be!!
I wish you all the best in your future planning  and transition, maybe keep us posted on your globe trotting!!!!
Cheers sarah☺

Hi !! thank you for your information. I know that USA isn't now the country of milk and honey.
But Now Italy is the country of 0 opportunity.  :sosad:. I have a job as saleswomen . I work all the day.  8 hours for day .
7 day for week.  1000 for month. it is good. But I have not free time. And I want a best job. my boyfriend is a apprendice in a photostudio. he is a graphic designer. But his dream is to work with his airbrush. The only way for life good in Italy is to be famous or rich.

:) I don't have the visa. I want try to have this one  when we have decide where we  can move

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Getting tips about a country from someone who hates the place is like learning how to fly from someone who's afraid of heights.

Good weather can be found all across the United States.  It's a pretty big country, so you've got a lot of options.

Sad but true.

What is good weather to you?? :P Some people like snow. I live in Florida but could live else where too and enjoy it. juttasuhr makes some good points though... It may be bad news but you want the truth right? Now every place has good and bad but america is big so there is many places to be here, just be okay with maybe having a hard life here cause it could happen. I live here and I live off very little... My lifestyle would be hard for some, but I am okay living off a little I make the best of my life and I enjoy it even though some aspects are hard. I choose my life for the most part and like it :D Just don't watch too much TV to get an idea how it is here unless you are going to Hollywood. :D But you know I got the thinking and sometimes in life we just need change even if it is somewhat bad, like me, I would be willing to drop everything and take some basic job somewhere and live in a country where there is not a lot and just enjoy the simple things in life. I think of leaving FL and going to Oregon just to do something different. Anyways just flapping my gums here but do what makes you happy and research!

The best city for what you looking is LOS ANGELES .

You should consider San Diego, California. It averages 71 degrees with sunshine 300+ days a year.

The problem with Southern California is that there's no winter.  Maybe some people like that, but to me "good weather" has to have a balance.


If you do enjoy winter and the snow, you are only a couple hours drive from numerous mountain resorts from just about anywhere in Southern California

But just as Hailey said if you enjoy all 4 seasons, you won't find it here.

San Diego probably has the best weather if you mean great temperatures and no snow,  but California has a very high cost of living. I would suggest going where the most job opportunities are because that's more important than good weather. :)   There are many beautiful places in the U.S.  but many coastal area are great for vacations, but hot for job opportunities. You can't live anywhere without a job, so that might be a better focus than weather.  Good luck!!!

As a "non-American" who has travelled all of the west coast & resided in different cities I would not recommend anywhere on that side of the country for different reasons (climatic/cost/racial issues/restrictions/job availability/etc) I would rule out most of the east coast because of the bad weather, although NC can be OK, but again has "issues" with minorities & can be expensive.
Now this one is going to kill all you "Big City" people................My advise is to try Fayettville in Arkansas, or anywhere in that top eastern section of the state.........Why?.......Because there are plenty of jobs there.
(Walmart has it's national headquarters in Bentonville), the housing is relatively cheap compared to most places & unbelievably cheap compared to SF & LA & SD!
The people don't have their heads stuck up their own rear ends & even though the west coast (& NYC) think they are God's chosen few, Arkansians are not all true to their Hillbilly tag that has been given to them & they are kind, friendly & helpful. (& maybe a little bit "down to earth!")
(Also they will never run out of water or beautiful green countryside & the climate is great!)
Give it a try, I promise you won't regret it.
PS, Bill Clinton is from Arkansas!

I've lived in Ca, Tx, and Fl many years.  Fl is by far the favorite year round for weather.  It is sunny rainy and tropical. If you are outdoor types then it's perfect for you.  Tampa Orlando and Miami are all big cities which offers many opportunities for low end blue collar jobs if that is what you want.  Hi tech jobs best to try Orlando.  This city has if not one of the largest tourist populations in usa.

The weather in the state basically cold maybe part of December  January  top art of February.  By cold means I have to wear a jacket not gloves and big overcoats, it only gets below 30F maybe a few days a year if any.  In Miami can't remember in the last 20yrs+ and snow anywhere central and south is like a miracle which may happen every 30yrs for about a few hours.

I like the outdoors warm wx and beach so thus I chose to live in Fl over 20yrs now.  It's the state everyone wanted to go on vacations to so I decided why not just live on vacation too luckily I was able find a job that has lasted this long and more. 

Now I'm looking to semi to fully retire and travel the warmer Asian countries.. If it works out maybe start another career or biz there and travel every six months or so to USA.  I will still have family and friends to see of course.

I wd love to visit Italy for six months or so too.

Good luck on ur adventure.

San Diego has the best year round weather.

I'm thinking that people who hate seasons might love San Francisco.

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