Hello i Can guide you through Azerbaijan

Hi Everybody, Warm greeting from Baku and short information about me.
I love and interested in art, culture and traveling as well. and  I like to work like a guide showing  Azerbaijan and arrange  inner tour for foreign guests.
If someone interested don't hesitate to contact me.

Best regards,
Sabina Rza

Hi, I'm a maritime expert and also keen in international business I hope to put my expertise to work in my new fond country if I do get to azabaijan, I'm also a sport lover love football and I like early walk-out to keep me fit.
I would love to have as many friends as possible so if you're reading this now I hope you would add me.

That's cool.. Can you please tell me a little bit of azaibaijan? I mean like accommodation, cost of living and the social life of the azabaijani people.

It is a nice country. People here are friendly and hospitality is high. Criminal life is almost zero. Local people and foreigners as well can walk in the streets freely even at midnight

And what about accommodation, it depends, in the city center especially new modern houses are expensive for rent, old apartments to compare with new ones  are cheaper.
But apartments apart from  city center not so expensive. But share accomadition will be much better.

Food and clothes are not cheap.Even foreigners find Baku(capital city) expensive city.

What about transport- bus and train are very very cheap.But taxi isn't  so cheap.
And foreign should be very carefully about taxi here cause taxi drivers cheat badly most times. For them better to use here London taxi

What about social life. In Baku have too much restaurants, pubs, shops, small cafe. You can find cinema clubs, museums, historical places and Baku Bulvar is famous.

I should mention also not everyone here can speak english, especially old generation not good in this.

Hello all and welcome on board :)

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@ Sabina Seal : I invite you to place an advert in our Tourist guide job offers in Azerbaijan if you want to find a work like guide.




I am health care professional from Canada, I am interested to either visit or to look job in Baku.  Please email me information about the jobs in teaching and health care professional job opportunity.

Thank you

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Hi dear can you help me for find a job in baku and guide me where baku indusrial area i am waiting your reply

hi, I am RANA SOHEL from Bangladesh and currently working in Singapore as a mechanical supervisor since 10 years, is there any shipyards or some other jobs available where I can join? I want a job over Azerbaijan... if anyone there with a kind heart, please assist me...or give me an agency contact...thanks

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May I know your charges for guidance.
I moved here from Pakistan with my family.

How can one get Azerbaijan Visa?

You can apply Online , the process is very simple .



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My name is Selma and I am from Sweden.
Me and my partner are planning a trip to Baku, Azerbaijan to learn the language March- May 2019.
We are looking for a place to stay in Baku during that period and also we are looking for private tutors in the language azeri.
Do you have any contacts in Baku?

Thank you
Selma. A

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