Cost of living in Ukraine

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hi everyone,
I am considering buying a place in the Crimea in order to live there part of the year.  Does anyone know what the regulations are concerning moving household goods here?

Be extremely careful in buying property in Ukraine, as foreigners CAN NOT buy legally.

Indexes Difference
Consumer Prices in Lviv are 15.79% lower than in Kiev
Consumer Prices Including Rent in Lviv are 25.96% lower than in Kiev
Rent Prices in Lviv are 58.81% lower than in Kiev
Restaurant Prices in Lviv are 41.52% lower than in Kiev
Groceries Prices in Lviv are 21.33% lower than in Kiev
Local Purchasing Power in Lviv is 20.50% lower than in Kiev

Full details you will find on the link below:
Price comparison Kyiv vs Lviv

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rune :

hi everyone,
I am considering buying a place in the Crimea in order to live there part of the year.  Does anyone know what the regulations are concerning moving household goods here?

Be extremely careful in buying property in Ukraine, as foreigners CAN NOT buy legally.

You should not make such statements if you do not know for sure. Foreigners CAN legally buy property including real estate. Restrictions concern only agricultural land plots that in fact can also be purchased by a legal entity owned by foreigners and ukrainians.

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My name is Elmira, I'm from Ukraine. If you need any information or help in finding accomodation in Ukraine,

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hi... good day how are you?

Hello, i'm about to go to Kharkiv, for two months, for a projetc, currently I'm living in Lima Perú. This project would give me accomodation, and two meals for five days a week, how much money Would I need for those two months in dollars?

Hi everyone!!

how much is the cost of living in Ukraine? I'm planning to move in Lviv, and I would like some informations. How much money does someone need to live GOOD in there? 800 euros are a lot or not?

nikog :

Hi everyone!!

how much is the cost of living in Ukraine? I'm planning to move in Lviv, and I would like some informations. How much money does someone need to live GOOD in there? 800 euros are a lot or not?

It is not a lot but OK. Please read the discussion above to get some understanding.


Was checking COLI and stumbled across this site. Adding some current costs for Kiev.

> accommodation prices (how much does it cost to rent or to buy an accommodation in Ukraine?)

I have paid a range of monthly rent from $750 to our current rent of $540/month. This is for a two-room flat in a "newer" building {12 years old} located West of Center, about 15 minutes to Metro by bus. An apartment of this size is, by western standards, able to accomodate two people and 1-2 children. By Ukraine standards, able to accomodate around 5 people...Also, I should make a note that a "two-room" flat is basically a "one-bedroom apartment" {comparing UA and US terminology...}

According to friends my wife and I got very lucky, as apartments are difficult to find currently. As a comparison, my wife's friend rents a one-room flat for $625/month. My wife was checking prices on other buildings around Kiev and you can pay $1000-2000 for a two-room apartment easily {not luxury flats}.

Major factor in determining rental rates is proximity to a Metro Station and/or Center of the City.

I read that some people question how a Ukrainian family can afford to live in Kiev when average people make $400 +/- a month?
I think a mention that some people were "given" flats when Soviets "left" Ukraine {fuzzy on history}. So many people have been given the flats their grandparents were renting in those days...These, however, are not very nice apartments on average, being very old and in poor condition...Some people remodel these flats but the internals of the buildings are deteriorating {ie. pipes, wiring, elevators, paint, roofs, etc.} These buildings get little to zero maintenance from ZHEK {department of building maintenance if you will}

Another example of how families afford flats is my wife's uncle's family. Seven people share an apartment. Two couples, two children, and their grandmother.

On renting an apartment: you most likely must factor in the cost of a rental agent. This is usually 1/2 of one months rent. Also, you must consider that the owner will ask for one month's rent as a "deposit" plus your first month's rent, of course. So, for an example starting lease, you'll need about $1250-$1500 up front...

{Edit} Some research revealed that many people live in the "Left Bank" region, where rent is much lower and quality of the unit is much higher. Example: 3000 uah per month in a newer building for 3 room {2 bedroom} Flat. So, 2 people could share a Flat and pay around $200/month total {incl. utilities}. The downside is a lack of a Metro station and a long commute to work areas {+/- 1.5 hours each way, maybe 1 hour to Center. If Renter has a car I do not know if this would be better as every day there is a traffic jam on a bridge leading to Center...

> food prices(per month, how much does it cost you?)
Food prices depend on the individual. At one point I was buying imported products so my costs were similar to US costs. Once I married we started buying local/UA products and costs went down significantly. My wife and I budget around $100/week for food, but we eat well...A person could survive on much much less...

> health prices (for those who need medical insurance)
Don't get sick lol. Doctors are very sketchy.

{Edit: dentists are very good and reasonably priced}

> energy prices (oil, electricity)

$30/month in winter, but we are in a building with its own heating building outside...

> common bills (Internet, television, telephone, mobile phone)
Internet: $15/month for 100 Mbit {fiber-optic network}
Television: Voila TV $6/month

> prices of a good menu in a traditional restaurant
$20 for two alcohol (can be much less depending on how much you eat) For example, a chicken "shaslick" {chicken cooked on a grill} costs around $4 per person, add a salad for two adn 2 people could eat a decent meal for about $10-$12.

> prices of a beer or a coffee in a regular pub
$1.50 for UA beer {500 ml}
Beer prices much lower in supermakets w/1 liter of pretty good brew costing around $0.75...

The numbers you read when researching the Internet are not true salaries. These, "official numbers" are for tax purposes only. People are paid substantial amounts "under the table." There is every type of perk one can imagine, from flats to cars, mobile phones, computers , and the lot. In the year that I have lived in Ukraine, I see an entrepreneurial on the rise. Franchises are springing up everywhere. In fact,  I am considering opening a couple myself. This is an interesting place to live and if you learn how the system works, it can be a land of great opportunity.

This website will give you an idea of costs.

It is true that is a good site for estimating prices.
This is what I posted on NUMBEO.COM.

Guys think about it - Kiev has many of the problems with high cost of living and lack of opportunities that other Eastern Europen capitals do. For example just try reading Moscow page. The real thing to note however is this- even for the prices as high as they are in Kiev life would have been possible (comfortable life that is) if the salaries and real income earning potential was bigger. As it is right now most prices here may be underestimated, but the monthly salary is about correct - $500. It is also true that to live comfortably in Kiev you need at least 3 times that much. Just keep in mind that all this is irrelevant to real earning potential, as 70-80% of the people there make the previously stated average of $500. So if you are a newcomer keep all that in mind, make allowance for rent and food (which is not cheap) and make your own conclusions. But I personally disagree that Kiev is a cheap place to live or that opportunities abound there. Price vs. Quality of live in Kiev is not favorable so ask yourself - is it worth the effort to spend $1500-3000 to live well in Kiev, considering that most make only $500?


My Apartment is $450 a month, outside of Odessa.  Western style apartment, 2 room, one bedroom.

I have seen good apartments in Kiev for under $800, but you have to be in country to really learn anything about real estate in Ukraine.  Lviv was less expensive than either Odessa or Kiev.  I was in all three in January.

Almost all posts I have seen about property from outside of Ukraine have been to get a lot of money out of foreigners.

Food prices.

Most groceries are about 80% of what I pay in Texas.  Most restaurants are about 85 to 90% of what I would pay in Texas for comparable good meals.  But, the food is significantly better than in the USA.


What I do for entertainment is a lot cheaper in Odessa, Kiev, or Lviv - I have been to all three.  But, I am not into the bar scene, or strippers.

Ironically, Hungary was reasonably priced from what I saw there.

That's all for now.

I need to add.

There are Ukrainian prices and foreigner prices - tourist prices.

If you are willing to pay $2,000 a month in Kiev, or Odessa, you can find an apartment in one day.

If you are going on the economy, you need to learn their system.  It won't be as 'nice.'  But, I have friends living in Kiev who pay $450 a month for an apartment.

They are Ukrainian, and they do not pay tourist pricing.


Right on! Learn the system if you want to live here. Even when I bought a flat, there is a way, and of course the smart way ... Need I say more?

I agree. My first trip to Ukraine, I came out of Borispil airport and took a taxi 1 hour away. I did not go near Kiev because too expensive. I made my way to Sumy. Much better prices. Later I stayed in Nikolaev apartment for $450 per month. I tried to cook most of my own meals to save money. The groceries appear to be from local gardens and farms. I like that. Much better quality than food in United States. Food here comes from Mexico and Chili, full of poisons making us sick.
  Now, my future Ukrainian wife has her own apartment and I will have free rent! :-)


Are you from Coeur d' Alene?  Or, did you move there?



I'll need your advice as I go to buy a flat.

All of my 'American' friends think I should pay 80k and up ....




I'm from California and moved to Coeur d' Alene in 2001. I hope to be spending more time in Ukraine.

It just depends on where in Kyiv and how many rooms. I bought a brand new flat. I paid 60k. It is outside the city just a couple of miles. I also put a down payment while it was being built and then paid the balance in cash. I also own a Soviet style flat that I got for 25k. We then remodeled it and use it as a rental. In other cities you can easily pick up Soviet style flats for 15-20k. Do keep in mind that I speak both Russian and Ukrainian ... )))


Russian and Ukrainian?

Which intelligence service did you work for?


OK, more seriously.

Russian is killing me.  I am starting to get past the 'exceptions,' so I can learn the rules.  I keep telling myself, "I will start on Ukrainian two years from now .... "

Are you there full time?

I am about half time.


No. I have business dealings throughout Europe. I actually speak 9 languages ... ))). Mandarin Chinese is also one ... Lol!

Russian is my tenth to study formally.

And it is kicking my ![at]#$.


Mandarin is one I will never study.  I would hate to mispronounce "Ma" and call my mom a horse.

Ahhh .... Ah so, deska. 

Hablas español y japones?  Muy interesante.  Menya Ruski plockha.  Pero mi español es mejor que sea mi ruso.  Y mi japones no existe, ya ....

Claremont which School?

It can be a small world.

I'll look you up this nest trip.


Is there somehwere I can find an apartment online? I'm looking at Odessa or Nikolaev, but most places I look online only advertise a daily rate, so I'd like to find a better monthly price, preferably around 500USD or so.

I highly doubt you can find a $500 apartment in Odessa. I struggled to find that in Nikolaev.

im in odessa living but now ( july ) is higther season
The most expansive and difficult to find is rent an appartement
but poeple rent by night for the moment from 20 to 50 dollars for very nice penthouse
Normaly , after rush season we can find about 300 dollars an nice flat
For eat in restorant is very cheap
Local street to 1 at 3 euro
restorant staring 3 at ... the prices is less for 3 en comparaison with europe

What monetary exchange do they use in the Ukraine and how does that compare to the US dollar, can anyone help me with this? Thanks

Usd 1 = Uah 8.1

Thank you you've been most helpful.

Can you (or anyone else) give me the run down on the cost of living in  Melitopol?

Try this website for cost of living

Hi all! I am strongly considering a job in Odessa for $1000USD a month and my apartment is paid for.

That is 1000$ spare money. Is this going to allow me to be comfortable and enjoy the city?

Thanks so much!

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In Lugansk, Doctors make $200 USD per month.  I met one who said he, and many other doctors do not work in their field, because they can not make a living.  He does translating of medical information.

I met a nurse who lives with her parents.  She does not work in her profession either, because the wages are insufficient to make a living.  She teaches English. She said she is lucky to be living with her parents.  Most other nurses live in hostels, or barracks with other nurses.

On 27-Sept-2013 it was 8.15 to 8.25 girvna per USD

It is interesting to hear how badly the medical profession is in Luhansk. Why east Ukraine still favors Russia and the remnants of the old Soviet system is beyond me. I live in Kyiv and own properties in Kryvyi Rih and Lviv. Most medical professionals are also employed in private practice. In this way they are able to earn a substantial income. I guess like anything else, its all about initiative.

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