Boxing, MMA, wresting, jiu jitsu.

Looking for a sparring partner..  Boxing, MMA, wresting, BJJ, Muay Thai.
If you do any of these sports, let me know. I understand there are some gyms in Milan, but the quality I've seen is subpar.

My boyfriend is at nivel 3 of mma. He is training in capriolo with an excellent teacher . If you don't mind doing 1h30 of car twice a week ... Let me know and I'll give you more infos. Classes are Monday and Thursday from 9pm to 11pm

Tell me your experience over the following months\years of this post. have you found anything substantial fighting wise? and if you have, where was it?

Hey man, I've had no luck on this site for sparring partners, etc. I've found some good gyms around Milan, but most are outside. There's a good one in Gessate, called Stabile team but unfortunately I live super far and have only been twice. I'm going to a gym near Sant'Augostino but I need to roll much more.  They only offer classes 3 days a week. Do you know of anything or anyone?

Well I am going to be starting my adventure in dublin, Ireland in december. Milan is definately a destination on the way. So far ive only been researching for boxing gyms and Thunder gym in Milan is the only thing i could find. I am open to grappling, kickboxing, MMA ect... so if you would like to introduce me to something as i make my way in a few months that would be great! Also if i find anything else i will let you know.

I'd like to get on the boxing train as well! I usually train solo and did a few months of Muay Thai back at university. I'd be open to getting some gloves and we can sparr or if you guys have found somewhere decent let me know.. Ryan I actually live right next to the San Augostino metro stop by the way!

Hey man, it'd be cool if you got some gear.. we can definitely spar anytime. I'm down. We can work your muay thai and get some groundwork in..  hit me up on private message and I'll give u my number.. I think that'll be better than blasting it out to everyone on the blog.. lol

Hit me up.