TV report Expats leave Beijing

Dear expats Beijingers,

I am Baptiste Fallevoz, journalist and Beijing correspondent of the international News TV station
France 24.
We broadcast in 150 countries in English, French and Arabic.

For our very serious show called "Focus", I'm preparing a report about the Beijing expat families who want to leave the city because of pollution. It seems this trend is growing among white collars with children (even if Beijing keeps being attractive for a lot of foreigners, especially young ones).

I'd like to get in touch with families who are planning to leave Beijing soon (in the coming weeks or months), and see if I can do a TV report with them.

So if you know people in this situation, you can forward and tell them to reach me on the emails and phone numbers below so that I can explain in details the purpose of my report

Best regards,

Baptiste Fallevoz
France 24 China Correspondent
ActuAsia Beijing bureau chief
email : [email protected]

Office : (0086) 1085324240
Mobile : (0086) 18602120532


Is this going to be a one sided film?

I am sure that you will be able to find a family that is using the word "pollution" instead of the word "homesick" or instead of saying "they decided not to renew my contract".

Will you be also interviewing people who are not leaving?

I agree that pollution is not the only reason that makes people leave. But according to what I've been been told by recruitment firms based in Beijing, it's a very important one...or at least speeds up the decision process..(when it adds to work difficulties, food safety or whatever else)
And to reply your question, I will definitely focus on people leaving Beijing, while explaining what kind of family and professional backgrounds are concerned (since Beijing still seems attractive for some foreigners)


Hi Baptiste,

I understand there was a story going around (true or not) that a young German came to Beijing, jogged every day for a year and got lung cancer. This scared some people. I know of a French couple who have relocated to HK because of the pollution. (I've sent them an email about your work. Obviously it's up to them whether they get in touch with you.)

It would be interesting to see some statistics, though they may be difficult to obtain. I've heard there are a lot of empty flats and houses at the luxury/foreigner end of the market but again that might be difficult to verify/quantify.

Incidentally residents here are learning to cope better with pollution by buying good quality masks and air purifiers, e.g. the interesting business started by Smart Air Filters (who produce a 200 rmb air cleaner).

Thanks very much for you reply Skakagrall!
Have a good week