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My name is Awadh Kumar, currently living in Singapore. I'm looking for a host family in Lisbon, Portugal for my son, aged 16 years with full meals and who can be his 'local guardian' from July/August 2014.

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Hi.  I happen to have read your post which was posted in 2014.  I am going to retire soon and I am thinking of relocating from London to Porugal song. I would appreciate it greatly if you could keep my email address and get in touch with me, as I am planning to do a family oriented bed and breakfast place which will also be a safe environment for young people. I myself came as a young student to London and I was lucky to have found a excellent caring landlady. I have an adult son who is married and my husband who is a retired doctor.  My email address is ***

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Indeed the post is from 2014. It will be better in you interact on more recent threads of the Lisbon forum.


Hi.  yes indeed! I knew that the thread was posted in 2014. I followed this as  I intend to do this kind of guardianship soon and perhaps other parents who are looking for the caring and supportive guardianship that I will be providing in the future. A childs safety in todays world is of the greatest concern to a few parents like myself!

Hello im in lisbon and i like your offer please contact to me.

Since you are in Lisbon how will I help because my post was for parents from aboard looking for somebody like me to take care of their children

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