Looking for short term accommodation 22.2.-15.3. -18

Hello everyone,

I am going to stay in Lisbon for Film making workshop that will take place 26.2.-11.3. and I am looking for accommodation for this period and few days before and after that.

Room with common kitchen/bathroom would be perfect for me for this purpose. I am not moving to Lisbon for longer time, at least not yet, but I thought that you guys here can give me some advice.

Few words about me, I am 38 years old, easy going non smoking film maker from Prague, who likes ice hockey, in line hockey, running, surfing (as a total beginner), good food (mostly vegan, also fish), jacgues tati movies, miles davis, magic realism literature (among others) and freshly roasted coffee without milk and sugar.

I will be happy for any tips and messages :)

Have a great day

Hi Jan

It’s a pity I just saw your message now.

I’m travelling a lot and my house is free, but I’m currently in Ibiza and come back to Lisbon on the 6th

So, if in case you postponed the trip, the house is for rent 10 days for the amount of € 2.000

My sun Afonso also surf, and y can go surfing with him



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