New members of the Jamaica forum, introduce yourself here

Hi Natalie which part of JA are you relocating to?

Hi all,

My name is Ann-Marie, Im living in Trelawny. [Moderated]

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Well I am zain muschett I am new to this site too.well I would say i grouw up in Jamaican I spend  al moust haft of my life in England are I should say all . I am 28 born November live montegoday  3 month now I was in the royal air for befor coming to Jamaican. If ask what the total Air force it the army air defences then when and did my nurse training after suspended.and  look a  normal job as a nurse and I a male

Hi Sparklie ,

I am looking to return to Jamaica also, would like to know more of your plans and where you intend on living . Please do get in touch and maybe we can share some valuable information .

Hey everyone,i am abby gail from mandeville hoping to find alot of new friends here.i am 20 year old.

Hello, i just joined this forum. I am from Jamaica but wamts to move to Grenada. Is anyone in the forum from Grenada, who can tell me a little about life in Grenada?

Newbie , to be honous first I've cominicated with others on this format over the net. Allwaies been email. It has been two months since I'm on the island . Slowly geting myself sorted out.. loving it , investigating the many the new year hoping to get involve more, and meeting some of you interesting people.

Hi  I am new here. I am a Jamaican.l have lived here all my life. Also I am  .an aspiring chef.. :)

A pair of snowbirds here.  We fell in love with Jamaica on our first visit and after our second trip went home knowing where we want to spend our retirement years.  Going back for a few months stay this winter. Have some really good friends and good times waiting for us!
Just wanted to say a hello to everyone here and so glad I ran across this website!

Hi Victoria ,
Jamaica is a beautiful place to live but if you are un sure of what you will be doing as and when you get there, you will feel lost . Hope this move will give you a great sense of being . I am looking to move myself, if you like we can share a few comments. Let me know if things are going according to plan.

Husband and I divorced. Still planning to relocate eventually (hopefully by 2020)


My name is Helen , and I a looking to relocate back to JA eventually in the meantime I am looking to purchase a 2bdr house along the north coast
Could you make any suggestion or have any contacts that I can contact

interested in maybe a established gated community

Look forward to hearing from you

Hi I'm Jeff from Hamilton, going to Jamaica for the winter, like to make new friends and travel companions

nice to miss you!

Hi my name is Noreen am a Jamaican still living here hoping one day to travel to Vietnam

I am Vincent and currently working in Uganda but would like to relocate to Jamaica. I am a certified public accountant and i would like to be connected to job opportunities available. I will be greatful upon your help, God bless you all!!!

Hi everyone and welcome on board  :)

As the New members thread is only dedicated for the introduction of members, please feel free to drop an advert in the following sections if you need a job, accommodation or anything related to the classifieds :

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Furthermore, if you need any information or  want to share your experience, i invite you to create your own topic on the Jamaica forum.

All the best,

Hi, I am currently living in London, recently retired. Husband who is Jamaican but lived in London since he was 15 now wants to spend retirement years 'back home'.
We are looking for a suitable place and want it to be along the coast somewhere.

I have visited Jamaica numerous times, I cannot count and I love the place.

But also realise I am gonna need some help along the way...........

Hey guys my name is Trecia. I got through for the CELTA course and am coming to Argentina soon. I would like some info on the place if anyone could help. Also I will need accommodation. So I am doing a lot of checks to make my transition smoother.
Thanks to anyone who can help and fill me in

36 years old Zimbabwean lady intending to move to Jamaica to look for employment(job) opportunities

...anticipating to get to interact well with people in this group while I also get to know much about Jamaica and how my dreams to finally settle in that country can be met.

Thank you

Hi Tracy,
Hope all is well with you!
My names Erica and I'm currently looking to move to Jamaica in the near future as well.
I haven't made the full transition yet but I'm currently in Jamaica testing the waters to see what living here is like.
If you don't mind me asking... what type of work are you looking for ?

Hello! I am Yasemin and looking to relocate to Jamaica from the US early 2018...just waiting on my VA disability to go through. Looking for any helpful information about moving. I will be shipping some household goods from the states.
I am dating a Jamaican but he is not the main reason I am moving. I have a son (9) who will be making the move with me. Any advice on schools in Jamaica?
Thank you!

Hi Renata,
My name is Lovina and I'm also from Canada.  I'm new to this forum and hoping to meet other fellow Canadians who live in Jamaica.  Are you still there?  Do you have any advice on moving there?
Thank you!
I'm hoping to actually meet other people who also made the move to Jamaica.

Newby here, lol. My name's Kelli. I currently reside in Atlanta, GA. Looking to relocate to Montego Bay by December 2017. Would love to meet expats who have made the move to get help on what steps to take. This is my first time ever relocating to another country. I've done quite a bit of research on my own but would love to hear from someone who's actually done it to see what's true and what's not.

Hey Kelli, I am from London and have just bought a place in Ocho Rios. The sale is still going through and we are hoping to move by next month.
It is all new to me, despite holidaying many years here and having a Jamaican born hubby.

It will be a learning curve for both of us as hubby has definitely got English ways!!!! Lol.

Thanks so much for responding!

What are you all doing as far as seeking citizenship there goes? I've secured a job and am working on getting the proper permit to work. According to what I've found online once I'm working I can stay there to meet the 5 year naturalization process requirement.

Hi kellz,
Good to see your thinking of moving to JA and that you've done your research.
I have a home in the st Mary area and I'm looking to move permanently early next yr .
I'm not sure what you want to do as far as property is concerned but I would Advise you find something in a area with a lot of returnees residents, there you can learn from them and they can recommend people who they trust to you. You can also make friends with them as you will need people around you  if your family is not there.
Food/toiletries are extremely expensive there so it's a good idea to pack tin foods,deodorant and hair products  when your going and maybe a view to plant your own stuff too.
Depending on where you decided to live, you may want to purchase a car , some places you willl definitely  need one . Please consider these things before you go especially where you going to live and how you your going to make a living there as most jobs are underpaid .

I am looking to visit the island in November and hope to stay the whole winter. I am a single retired Canadian and desperate to find a nice place to spent my winters.

I would hope to rent a room by the month possibly, in a residence in a small coastal town not too far from Montego Bay. Can you give me any ideas to pursue when I get there? Rental costs? etc.

I will probably stay in Montego Bay for 1 or 2 weeks while I search for the ideal spot to stay until the end of April.

Any help would be greatly appreciated...Allen

Hey everyone
I'm from Australia, now based in Kingston and arrived in July. My partner is Jamaican and so far so good. I've been learning to navigate the streets of Kingston which at times can be a bit tricky but I'm slowly getting my way around.

Hi, im an expat from USA and I live in Kingston. Hopefully we can share diferent experiences and locations to maximise our new lives lol I'm Sharon btw.

Hello to all the Expat Ladies,

If any of you are located in Kingston and interested in a bit of fitness, I walk at Mountain Springs sometimes for some exercise. I'm from Australia and living in Kingston now for about 6 weeks. Would be nice to connect with others; a support group of some sort :) btw I'm Sherryl

I would have loved to join you but Im visiting in the USA and wont be back home in kingston until October 15. Hopefully you're still around when i get back.

Thanks Sherry for your invitation!  I love walking! That's my thing too!  Unfortunately I'm not in your area of Kingston.  I'm in the Hanover parish.  Actually I just returned back home to Canada late last night from spending 2 weeks again in Jamaica.  I would love to be able to stay 6 weeks or longer myself, too.  But it's impossible with my job to take that much time off all at the same time.  So I have to make several trips back and forth until I am able to live there permanently.  My boyfriend and I are working on that part. He is also from Jamaica.  As far as a job is concerned, it looks like I will have to start my own business or expand on his business and work together.  We are currently building a house and it's really coming along remarkably. Can't wait to return again in a couple of months. You must be learning so much about the culture and everything else there!  It's really quite fascinating, isn't it?
And, me too, lol, btw my name is Lovina!

No worries Lovina, if you are ever in Kingston let me know. My email address is xxx we can swap stories :)

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Hi Sherry,

My name is Danielle, I come and go from Toronto,CA to Kingston. I am currently here for the next few months.  I am a 37 year old single female.  It would be great to connect for a walk/talk with you. Let me know if you are around!

Hi Everyone...
I’ve just come across this website whilst searching for information on how to transport my French Bulldog from the UK to Jamaica.
I am planning to relocate to Jamaica within the next year. I was born in England and my father was born in Jamaica so I am beginning the process of applying for Jamaican citizenship by descent. I am a qualified beautician and masseuse and I have found a job opportunity which includes accommodation in the Ocho Rios area. I’m so grateful and super excited. However I have a very beloved pet dog that I wish to bring with me. I would love to hear from anyone that has any advice about anything I have mentioned above and would love to make some new friends and connections... one love 💗 🇯🇲

Hi, I'm in the process of building my home Hanover Parish. Travel to Jamaica every other month for 2-3 weeks at a time.  I hope to do the reverse starting next in Jamaica more frequently with occasional visits to the.   Glad to be a part of this forum and make connections with other Jamaica expats.

Hi there,
I plan on working in Jamaica. Most likely in Montego Bay.  I also had my account block so, please have someone look into this please.

Thats nice . Hope it all work out.

Lanettadcutie :

Hi, I'm in the process of building my home Hanover Parish. Travel to Jamaica every other month for 2-3 weeks at a time.  I hope to do the reverse starting next in Jamaica more frequently with occasional visits to the.   Glad to be a part of this forum and make connections with other Jamaica expats.

Thats nice . Hope it all work out.

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