Marriage with Brazilian Girl in Pakistan

Sheikh Sb :

Hello Guys,

I have two questions:

1. Is there anyone in this forum who married a Brazilian Girl in Pakistan? If yes, then please tell me in detail the process to marry a Brazilian girl in Pakistan, the documents needed and the time required to get family reunion visa from Pakistan ?

2. Suppose if I marry with the Brazilian girl in Brazil on a tourist visa then will I be required to leave Brazil after applying for the residency visa or I can stay in Brazil after marriage and wait for my residency visa to get processed ?

Which option is better to marry a Brazilian girl in terms of time and cost? Marriage in Pakistan or Marriage in Brazil on tourist visa?

Kindly share your experiences.


Assault Walaikum, if it is a real intention to marry and live in Brazil, all that is required is for Allah to open the doors of his visa, for He surely hears the sincere.

You must also be able to deal with cultural differences, be patient and teach,Mainly because sometimes conflicts of misinterpretation of language enter, then much calm in that hour,A good wife also has defects not only qualities and will help in what is possible Especially in learning the Portuguese language and having the patience to wait for the new place of living

Please I need help, my fiancé is Pakistani, do not want to leave the country, we want to marry in Pakistan, I can live in Pakistan, I need to live in Pakistan. im brazilian

Thank u. Now it is just left i found out my pakistani groom...

Good luck Maria :)

I was trying contact with the Pakistani Embassy here in Brazil to take the visa to go there but the information that I had (buy an agency that just do visas for a lot of countries) is that the Embassy in Brasília is closed and they changed the application. I tried to call but no one answered and I sent emails as well.
Someone knows what is happening or what I need???
I saw here that it is better get married there and then him apply for the viper permanent visa. That’s correct?
Wich documents I need take to get married there?

Thank you for the attention,

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