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I am a french student coming to KL for an internship from April to july. I am looking for a place to stay in Subang Jaya during these three months. I will be alone and ready to spend 400 to 800 RM per month. I can live alone or sharing an apartment with other expatriate.

Do you think it can be possible ?
Should I wait to get there to rent an apartment via agencies ?
But most important Can I rent in agencies even if I only have the touristic Visa ( due to the difficulties related to the procedure to get a work visa for such a short term period ) ?

Thanks a lot guys.

800 rm is very low (400 is a joke) with that you can share a 4 students in a student flat share type of thing. Agents will laugh at you go online!

Yes, I mean I want to share an apartment with other people.. How can I find this type of housing except on this website ?


There is an amazing thing called google ;) try it sometime or use (I am not the expert on this but heard of)

Thanks for all these websites.

Actually, I had perviously checked these websites but I was wondering if I could use an agencie to find me a place to stay even if I have only the touristic visa ??

Hi alexis,

Under your budget (RM 400-800), you can easily find shared accommodation. I am also in Subang Jaya.
Following are the room rents of shared apartment in condominiums.
1) Master Room - RM 1200 (2 or 3 persons can share)
2) Middle Room - RM 850 (2 persons can share)
3) Small Room - RM 600 (no sharing)
Upon contract normally you need to pay 2+1 rent (2 month rent as deposit + 1 month rent as advance). And the contract should be around 6 months or 1 year.

Hope you can get the idea with the above information. Feel free to ask anything.... :)

Hi alexis, try out the sites that gravitas mentioned. u should b able to find an apartment to share. start contacting people from these sites and u might b able to negotiate a deal with the advertiser.


Dealing with agents makes you crazy. Anyway, from here in Sweden I searched for a small apartment and they asked for 3000 RM with hidden expenses like management fee, deposit etc. 3000 rm is about 800 Euro which I guess Sweden and France tend to be cheaper. Anyway, I used to live in KL for 4 years and now I am finalizing a house with 3 rooms close to LRT. In case you did not find a place, I can give one room and that is not more than 500 RM. I fly back to KL in 10 days. Alex

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