Condusive atmosphere for investment and sosializing.

I have been behind a number of projects both as joint ventures and private projects. I have been in Uganda for the past 3 years but back to Norway regularly. If anyone has any interest in working together or with ideas to develop is welcome. Am currently involved in a project called FOCOP - NGO helping children and families of prisoners. U can imagine hwta they go thru and what happens to them in the long run.

Hi read your message. I am new here, jsu strting a health spa in Kampala. I would be interested in business exchange

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Hi, interesting work you do in Uganda. a few years ago,  I run a project "Prisoners Aid Project", in the western part of Uganda! This project's  main objective was to  represent  people that had been  left in Prison for years, for crimes they did not actually commit. I was overwhelmed by the numbers when I held my clinics every Thursday of the week and shocked by the stories of the victims. Sadly due to lack of funds, I was unable to keep running the project. I closed my office and headed to UK in  search of "greener pastures!", so I thought. This project still remain at heart and if you would like to be part of it, please let me know, because I believe with someone one that shares the same beliefs, we can make a huge difference in so many people's lives. 

hope to hear from you.
Best wishes.

Dear Kuomintang,
Thats interesting. Please get me thru [email protected] for a discussion. Its very touching.

how realy should we develop our textile industry mainly through investments

Can you contact me? So we can exchange about your project y have some ideas

Hi I would love to be part of your project. Indeed am interested and touched by the wonderful heart you truely have.  Julie