Heading back to Uganda and would like to hang out with YOU :)

Hello people how is the going?

Well, in a nutshell, i am moving to Uganda after living out of the country since childhood. I'm easy going, enjoy great company and conversation. I like abstract thinkers and people who can live in the moment.

I'm a writer by night and a farm labourer by day hehehe (breeding the best pigs in town - i kid you not) BUT i'll be sure to make time to catch up. I work hard and play harder :)

If you have an interesting place you want to check out or simply just want to hang out and talk about what's on your mind, do drop me a line on  bluesky.today01 at gmail.com

I'll be there from January 2013.

Be well!

hope to meet me and we get funny am owne in uganda, easy going person and love hunging out with friends, you can get me on [email protected]. hv nice day and takecare, hope to see you soon

Hello BlueSky01 and owne.

Welcome both to Expat.com! :)


nice to meet you too Aurélie down is my email, just feel free to contact me and we share thoughts. Nice times

You are most welcome to the Pear of Africa

Love from Uganda

welcome back home,where are you living?