Recruitment Agencies in Dhaka


I am looking for Recruitment Agencies in Dhaka, especially those which specialise in the Technology field.

Can anyone advise on some good agencies?


Hi Amy,

I invite you to check out the Recruitment Agencies in Dhaka in our business directory please as it might help :)

Thank you

Expat-blog Team

Thanks Maximilien,

I have already tried making contact with the listed agencies through your site, but unfortunately I've had no response.  I was hoping people may be able to refer other recruitment agencies, especially if Technology focused.

The listed agencies don't seem to have web pages. Was the listed posted long ago? They may no longer be in operation.


[at]Amy - please give it a little bit of time and be patient.. fingers crossed you get a reply soon   :)

I don't know of any recruiting agency but you might want to contact Dr. Nazim at the following Australian company, which has many engineering projects in Bangladesh:

SMEC International
South Asia Regional Office – Dhaka
House 374, Lane 06, DOHS Baridhare
Dhaka 1206 - BANGLADESH
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I do not work for SMEC, myself, but I have several friends who do.

Good luck and regards
Chuck Moffitt

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Hi...I guess you should visit

They are specialist of these.
Tc, Ha-mim

You may also contact : MR. Tariq ( email : tariq[at] He is the CEO of Enroute. TC

[at] Ha-mim > You may also register this company in the Dhaka business directory ;)

Thank you


Hi Amy,

Can you let me know about your requirement details?


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